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John Ritson


British BodyThetan Society Homepage

«What is a BodyThetan? The BodyThetan (CorpoThetanus Fictitious) was 'discovered' by L .Ron Hubbard, founder of the 'Church' of Scientology, which attempts to brainwash people into believing that 75,000,000 million years ago an evil dictator called Xenu brought 13.5 trillion aliens to Earth, blew them up in volcanoes, and drove them mad, all problems being due to infestation with these invisible insane aliens, which Scientology can exorcise for around £200,000

The British BodyThetan Society is dedicated to combating this slander and achieving recognition and protection for our little invisible friends. It organises BodyThetan Shows to find 'Best of Breed', obedience and dressage trials etc. Our motto is that "A BodyThetan is not just for Xmas, it's for 75,000,000 years"»


«These beliefs would be merely laughable, if it were not for the fact that Scientology is notorious for causing suicides among its adherents. Often faced with money problems because of the cult's endless demands for money, the doctrine of re-incarnation makes an 'End of Cycle' seem an easy way out for many scientologists, with the added attraction that their expensive courses in this life are supposed to give them a head start in their next life.»

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