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The RPF Insider

Note: "RPF" stands for Rehabilitation Project Force.

The RPF Insider Newsletter #1
The RPF Insider Newsletter #2
The RPF Insider Newsletter #3
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The RPF Insider Newsletter #5
The RPF Insider Newsletter #6
The RPF Insider Newsletter #7
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The RPF Insider Newsletter #9
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The RPF Insider Newsletter #11
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The RPF Insider: daily schedule on the RPF
The RPF Insider writes to Collin Powell

The RPF Insider writes to Collin Powell

«Dear Mr. Powell,

Attached please find a list of citizens from many countries who are currently or were recently held in gulags (prison camps) in the United States of America by the "church" of Scientology. This is happening right now in "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF) centers run by this "church" where members who disagree with scientology management are sent for punishment and re-indoctrination.  Average internment is 2 to 10 years. Many of these citizens from many Nations were granted visas as "religious workers" or "students" of Scientology.

Once in the US, members are heavily recruited to join the Sea Organization.  The Sea Organization is a secret insider order of scientology, where all members are required to sign a "billion year contract" to help scientology "clear the planet". Any person who joins the Sea Organization and then later disagrees with its practices will soon find him or her self confined in the scientology gulag known as the "RPF" (Rehabilitation Project Force). The conditions these people live in are inhumane and violate many US laws, as well as prisoner of war standards as agreed by the United Nations and the Geneva Convention. The issue here is not scientologists' right to freedom of religion. The issue is scientology's violations of basic Human Rights. These two rights should not be mutually exclusive; both are guaranteed by the US Constitution.

This "church" does not care for or take responsibility for their members as promised and required when they were allowed to come into the United States as "Religious Workers". It is doubtful that Scientologists should be granted religious worker status, as the "church" is in violation of many State Department rules. Many Countries do not recognize scientology as a religion at all. In the US, it was granted religious tax exemption in 1993 under unusual conditions which are now being disputed in court.»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #1 (From inside)

«Hello everybody out there in the real world!

I’m here in the PAC [Pacific Area Command] RPF [Rehabilitation Project Force] and I’m going to tell the world the nightmare we are going through here in the west wing of blue PAC building, where we are all being secluded from the world. Come by and look at the windows of the 2nd floor of Catalina street. You will see white plastic in front of all the windows, so we can’t be seen by anybody from the outside! Hopefully I will be allowed to get out of here soon...»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #2 (From inside)

«Can you imagine how it smells at night, when 50 sweaty hard working guys take their shoes off? Then you think that one would be able to sleep being totally tired or wiped out from a full day of hard work, but sometimes I can't even sleep because it's horrendous to listen to a bunch of people that snore! The women also live in small rooms with about 15 - 20 in each. They are also complaining of bad smell and snoring! I'm actually wondering how it feels to live in a regular bed with clean sheets and fresh air, after all these years.»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #3 (From inside)

«One specific area is called "Rats alley." It speaks for itself! Members that for one reason or another had to be punished were thrown into this small space, with rats all over the place, rotting and eating each other, along with thousands of cockroaches, to clean it up. This was done so one would "get ones confront up." I'm glad this was finally fully cleaned up, so I didn't have to face this nightmare.»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #4 (From inside)

«They want to "make good" and "be forgiven" so they can get back in the group and back to their old buddies and "help clear the planet." It might sound fanatic and it is. But that's what is crammed in to your head when working in the Sea Org. After many years, you forget how important other parts of life are, like any interests, sport, hobbies and much less having any kind of decent family life.»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #5 (From inside)

«DM [David Miscavige] is never alone and is guarded by several people at all times, but maybe you could go up to him and say hello and see what happens. Probably security will stop you, but sometimes he stops and listens and will ask a bunch of questions. I have experienced this myself - unfortunately not to my well-being or betterment.»

The RPF Insider Newsletter #6 (From inside)

«Uwe cannot even get up to go to the bathroom. What in hell is he doing in the RPF?? He cannot be getting enough professional care and attention and it's INHUMAN to watch what is going on. All the other RPFers are probably also outraged, but are suppressing their own feelings, in the hope of not missing their own chance to get out of here. I'm actually wondering how long these guys will survive and why they are not granted some forgiveness for whatever they were assigned to the RPF for. Human decency would be to sign them in to a proper nursing home to recover or at least die in peace.

The RPF Insider Newsletter #7 (From inside)

«If she has any way of speaking up she would probably be able to tell what DM's [David Miscavige] favorite lunch is or what he has on his desk. Put it this way - she knows "too much"!!! The night she took off, a search team of about 10 people from the RPF itself (the trusted ones that are "moving on the program"), the RPF I/C himself and a bunch of PAC security guards where searching the streets of LA in vain!»

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter #8

«DM [David Miscavige] spit in John's face in public, supposedly complying with an LRH order. Is that "standard tech" for handling one's fellow workers and juniors? I don't think so... No wonder people are disagreeing and leaving the Int base in droves!!! John has been on the RPF for 6-7 years. He has been around since the days of LRH at Saint Hill, and he's getting up in his 60's.»

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter #9: Jean-Yves Besnard

«I believe his kid was raised at the "Int Ranch", where most of the kids end up, unsupervised and with poor education. One example of that is Cameron Allsop, who was born in the Sea Org and could barely read when he ended up in the RPF as a teenager. Both of Cameron's parents are still at GOLD. It took him about 6 years or more to get the through the RPF program and he had to learn how to read and study before he could even start!»

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter #10

«Being offloaded and declared SP is a major shock after a lifetime of such devoted service.  Even harder is to find out you were lied to and used.  All the "hip, hip, hooray - big wins" and "expansion" were a pack of lies.  No one in the wog world heard or cares anything about it. Next, if you are lucky, you find out there are people who have been through it, and are willing to help you.  The real world is actually a very nice place, and most of us feel like every day is a holiday once we wake up from the cult mind control.»

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter #11

«So what DID we get? 10 MINUTES EXTRA TO EAT OUR "CHRISTMAS DINNER!"  This "extra" time is spent opening presents that friends and family sent in that made it past security. In a cheesy way the presents are piled up by the leftover crew dining room Christmas tree and officially handed out in front of everyone. If your family didn't send anything, you sat and looked at everybody else opening theirs. If you had a friend in the RPF or a good twin you might be able to get a small treat, which was all you could hope for.  After the "extra 10 minutes" it was back to the normal routines of a full schedule of cleaning, hard work and study from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm.»

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter #12

«Well, it's too bad they can't send Tom Cruise to the RPF, but it's just a matter of time how long he can keep his fake TRs going and pretend that "the world one day will accept Scientology". He's so deeply into the mess that he can not ever leave Scientology because then OSA and the rest of DMs money-motivated criminals would pull out his dirty laundry from his "confidential" auditing files and expose his secrets to the world. He does not want all the newspapers to find out what his secrets are! That is the tactic that is being used, and if OSA can not sabotage a dissident's life by exposing their bad past, they "pay them off" to shut up.»

The RPF "Insider": daily schedule on the RPF

«There is basically NO TIME for anything else; you are supposed to write the few letters and personal things you need to handle in the 20 min lunch and dinner break! This is when you are standing in line for 5-10 minutes and only get 10-15 minutes to eat! You literally have to shove it down your throat and run to the next muster.»

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