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Leo J. Ryan

Congressman Leo J Ryan Memorial Page

«All of the groups that we are talking about have living leaders who are demonstrably wealthy. The beliefs of all these cults are absolutist and non-tolerant of other systems of beliefs. Their systems of governance are totalitarian. A requirement of membership is to obey absolutely without questioning. Bear interest in the individuals development within the cult toward some kind of satisfactory individual adult personality is by their doctrines, very low or nonexistent. It is clear that almost all of them emphasize money making in one form or another, although a few seem to be very much involved in demeaning or self denigrating activities and rituals. Most of them that I have studied possess a good deal of property and money which is under the discretionary control of the individual leaders.»

Wikipedia: Leo J. Ryan

«Leo Joseph Ryan, Jr. (5 May 192518 November 1978) was an American politician of the Democratic Party. He served as a U.S. Representative from the 11th Congressional District of California from 1973 until he was killed in Guyana by members of the People's Temple shortly before the Jonestown Massacre

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