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Perry Scott

Former scientologist, long time critic.

Perry's Scientology Page

«What is Scientology, you ask? Some say The Church of Scientology is a religion. Some call it a cult devoted to its late founder L. Ron Hubbard. Others say the Church (a.k.a. Co$) is a money-grubbing scam. My wife and I were in the "Church" for a few years in the early 80's. I completed a few courses and came away poorer but wiser. Both my wife and I drifted away from the Church, never knowing the darker, sinister side of of the organization with which we had associated.»

The Scientology Comparative Theology Page

«This web site was created to promote the scholarly study of the beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology. The "Church" of Scientology is less than forthcoming in revealing its entire belief structure to the general public. Scientology publicly claims to be an "applied religious philosophy", as well as being compatible with other religious belief systems. However, the private upper levels of Scientology introduce many concepts that stretch the definition of "compatible", and L. Ron Hubbard says many uncomplimentary things about religion in general and Christianity in particular. This website explores the beliefs and practices of Scientology, then compares those beliefs and practices to those of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism.»

OSA Network Orders

«These OSA Network Orders are being used by Scientology today whenever OSA deals with critics, the Government, or the general public. As can be seen from the Orders, Hubbard cultivates sedition, conspiracy, libel, paranoia, and disrespect for law and order within G.O./OSA. He also expounds on the conspiracy against Scientology and the insanity of Government, feeding OSA's false sense of "religious persecution". Hubbard never cancelled these documents, and they form part of the unchanging "scriptures" that guide the actions of Scientology.»

Scientology Training Routines

«The Scientology Training Routines, or TRs, are done on what Scientologists call "the gradient". The claim is that information should not be presented until the student is ready to understand the information. In this way, knowledge is presented in bite-sized pieces that won't cause the student (or "Mark" as The Rev. Dennis Erlich is prone to say) to "blow", or leave the training session.

In reality, the "gradient" is designed to place increasing levels of thought conditioning into the student. At the earliest level, OT TR0, nothing is asked of the student and the gradient position is zero. New concepts, controls, and conditioning are applied in increasing levels as the student gains higher levels within the Scientology system. The end-effect of these exercises (or processes, as Scientology refers to them) is to neutralize the student's critical faculties and render them prone to suggestion as they engage in further training or auditing.

The TRs are a series of mind-numbing exercises. Dick Sutphen in THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND, a speech given at World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, discusses various mind control techniques. This paper links my personal experience with the Scientology TRs to the Sutphen document.»

A Study of E-meter Frequency Response

«Scientology relies on the e-meter for auditing, which they have described as a form of "spiritual counselling". Hubbard claims that by asking a preclear questions and reading their response on the meter, an auditor is able to find areas of upset in the preclear's life. Hubbard also claims that the e-meter measures "mental mass", or energy buildups caused by previous upsets. In yet another claim, Hubbard states the e-meter reads the "carrier wave" of the thetan (spirit), and goes on to define its frequency as some ridiculously high number, on the order of 1069 Hz. (By comparison, microwave ovens run at 109 Hz.)

In actuality, the e-meter is simply a high-precision differential ohmmeter. Changes in the person's resistance are indicated by the meter movement. The auditor adjusts the "Tone Arm" (don't ask...) to center the needle on the dial. The auditor can also adjust the gain of the E-meter amplifier to register only gross changes or every little flinch of the preclear.»

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