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Phil Scott

Former scientologist.

ARS... some of its history

«I met my first picketer. An old guy in sandals, beard, thin... and worn was standing just under the front awning and called out to me in a calm but insistent voice that the place was a 'criminal cult' or some such...

Myself generally being open... especially with a genuine looking person, this guy was at least 70... I walked over to him and congratulated him on his courage and told him that indeed the place was a little dark around the edges...

He was holding a well worn wooden cross he had made from drift wood and leather ties and took great pains to show it to me and tell me how long he had carried it... decades... and telling me things I've since forgotten, but mentioning Hubbard's satanic aspects...

I had to agree, I had already some insight into the larger mess but at the time had rationalized it.

After a time I think I was retrieved by the scnists [scientologists] and the guy run off... I waived I'm sure and thanked him for his openness again... he left somewhat doubtful... probably thinking I had shinned him on... when in fact the meeting chain-reacted to shake the criminal cult to its knees.

One man... and old man... in torn clothes and a humble voice.»

Control and Scientology

«With the hidden post hypnotic aspects of scientology the cult member thinks his hallucinations are real because they read on the meter.

This provides validation that a 'new insight' has been achieved.....'progress'..... more glee...and more insanity ensue

..the person IS 'happier'...just nuts and destructive now that he believes his mother is a marcabian psychiatrist out to murder the rest of the family and busy making layer cakes with bombs in them.»

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