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Susan Simmel

Former scientologist.

Affidavit of Susan Simmel (August 1989)

«There was a fast and furious rumor line in the Chicago area around that period of time. There were cliques, intense competition between people and their positions in Scientology, and competition between the Mission and the Church. Everyone knew everyone else's business. Amid this atmosphere, I made a grave mistake. In my desire to "keep Scientology working", I wrote-up a local opinion leader due to my doubts about his credibility. Trouble began, people quit talking to me, my husband was forced to leave his business, and the group tried to convince him that I was suppressive. I was publicly humiliated by being forced to answer to their contrived inquisition. My reputation was slow to recover, and was really never the same. I had never known upset greater that at that time. I had never been treated so coldly or judged so harshly. I had entrusted my life, my entire identity to this religious group, yet I was accumulating more grief, loneliness and despair than compassion and/or spiritual awareness. The Church had repeatedly promised to straighten out this mess. I would tell of my plight over and over again to any staff that came into Chicago from any part of the country. This was always humiliating and uncomfortable. Always they would promise to help but under the condition that I buy services. I was talked into flying to the Washington Org out of desperation; they would help me if I bought $21,000 of services. I considered a second mortgage. There was heavy pressure to do this, and I received phone calls from L.A. and Florida well into many nights. When I finally said No, there was great, harsh criticism and make-wrong. I was again ostracized from the group.»

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