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Cheryl Sola

Former scientologist, left after 13 years.
Class IV auditor, Purification Rundown Case Supervisor, Happiness Rundown Auditor, Scientology Minister, Financial executive (Treasury Secretary), Staff Section Officer, Ethics Officer.
Achieved the state of "Clear".

A World Without: A Critical Examination of the Goal of the Church of Scientology

«Considering that

(1) it took 16 years before Scientology announced its first Clear (who failed her public test, then was succeeded by "first" Clear #2 who became unclear when she divorced Hubbard, who was then succeeded by "first" Clear #3, who quit Scientology three years later),

(2) at least half of the world's population will never be able to afford to buy its way to Clear, and

(3) that Scientology has offended at least half of the world's population with its blasphemous remarks concerning their respective religions,

the only thing that is "clear" is that Scientology's goal of a world without war, crime and insanity will never become a reality. Unless they launch a hostile takeover, which possibility will be examined below.»

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