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Mark Sommer

The Buffalo News: Englightenment's Dark Side

«After Jeremy stabbed his mother, the church began covering trails that could link Jeremy Perkins to Scientology, according to Dunning and her husband.»

The Buffalo News: Being In, Breaking Out

«The Dunnings claim the church demanded unquestioning obedience to every church policy, belief and decision. They say it kept members in line with an elaborate security system - including use of personal files and lie detectorlike devices; a system for informing on others, including spouses; and its own justice system.»

The Buffalo News: Helping Spread the Word

«"Hubbard instructed us to attack and never defend," said Weber, who left the church 20 years ago and today works as an aircraft inspector in Ontario, Calif. "Anybody who attacks saving mankind - which is what we were told we were doing - should be destroyed. They want to be the bully because that way no one will stand up."»

The Buffalo News: Outside Critics Are Unacceptable

«Kane, a children's book illustrator in Durham, N.H., believes Scientology took advantage of her brother in an unconscionable way.

"When he inherited the money, I saw the way they sucked him in and ran up credit cards for money he didn't have," Kane said. "Then they seemed to drop him again, because he's not the kind of person who can excel and move up in their world. He's not important to them unless he has money."»

Scientology Tests' Purpose and Validity Are Questioned

«"The tests are basically manipulated so there is something wrong," Dunning said. "You're telling (the test-taker) everything that's wrong with them. Most of the time, it's what's wrong with everybody."

The test - as well as ones for stress and IQ - is a sales device to rope people into buying the church's expensive courses and materials, she said.

Neither Reger nor a church Web site could provide information that substantiated the use of its test.»

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