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Zane Thomas

Former scientologist.

My Escape From The Cult — A True Story

«Heh, when I was a foolish teenager I got caught up in the bait-n-switch cult of clams for about a year.  I ended up in Edinburgh Scotland at the Clam Central Publishing Org.  There was some incredibly nasty stuff going on there, including imprisonment.  It didn't take me too long to wise up and I blew in December of 1968. But I had a problem, my gear (sleeping bag, backpack, essentially everything I owned except the clothes on my back) were at the org. Having seen people in dungeon-like rooms eating bread and water, I was not taking any chances.

I got a taxi to take me to the org and told him that if I wasn't out in 5 minutes he should call the police.  He looked sort of shocked, and in retrospect it must have been a strange situation for him.  A dark, damp night in an alley in Edinburgh, with a really young kid (I never looked my age, so I could have looked about 15 or 16 at the time) entering a building which was already the subject of controversy and questions, asking for the police to be called if I wasn't out soon.  No wonder he looked a little shocked and worried.  Fortunately for me he stayed.»

Zane Thomas's Story

«Conditions were declared. Everyone had to work all day and half the night. We all slept on the floors. People started to break under the pressure. New conditions were declared. People were locked up at the bottom of the elevator shaft and fed bread and water.

The threats to personal safety were overt and continuous, totally different in kind and character from the little FOAD you were recently whining about. We're talking real, in your face, you are fair-game we can kill you sorts of threats. You know what I'm saying is true, don't you talbot?»

GULAGS of Scientology

«Well then Bernie, how could it be that I saw a young woman confined in a small, damp, dark room at the bottom of an elevator shaft (used to be the end of a hall going underground to the building to the north) in clam publications in Scotland, eh?

She was fed bread and water, wore some dirty grey overalls (just recalled this detail), and of course there was some sort of a rag on the arm.»

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