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Michael Leonard Tilse

Former scientologist, left after 27 years.

Dispelling the lies

I am an ex-scientologist. I was in for 27 years. I did my share of study and giving and getting auditing.

I am not only out, but I am also trying to inform people about my experience and what I found out once I left scientology.

I really don't care that much about the theology of scientology. Rather, I am concerned with the actions of scientology. Those actions are rooted in the policy, writings and behavior of Hubbard.

As perhaps you will learn, many of the things Hubbard said about himself and his life are simply not true. Things such as his trips to china, his schooling, his military record, are available through research and through government, school and other documents. The sources exterior to scientology reveal that he lied about himself. Scientology of course will say it is all fabricated to impugn his reputation.

Michael Tilse's Scientology "Doubt Formula"

One only has to read the felony indictments of Flag in the Lisa McPherson case, read about the missing caretaker logs and the condition of Lisa at the time of her death to know that the 17 day “Introspection Rundown” isolation watch that ended with her death was very, very, very far from any correct LRH technology, yet it took place at the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and it is being vigorously defended by CSI, RTC and OSA and IAS money. My monies are being spent to evade the consequences of what is to me an absolutely CRIMINAL act done by staff and executives of Flag. And it outrages me.

Affidavit of Michael Leonard Tilse (19 April 2003)

I will not sign any waivers because I cannot know at present if or when some future criminal prosecution or civil action against the Church may name me as a party along with the Church due to my long association with it. Also, it is part of my inalienable rights and my duty to speak out about criminal and fraudulent acts and thus I cannot sign any gag agreement that would prevent me from communication of what I know.

I will not sign any "gag agreement" because I am a writer and the memories, experiences and documents I have accumulated in my 27 years of association with the Church are a vital part of what I have to write about. Any such agreement would thus impair my future prospects as a writer, a further fraud.

The Cult of Scientology put me through about 22 intensives of sec checks

[...] Mike Rinder, a very high Cult official and head of the Cult Office of Special Affairs, proudly presented his statistics about putting "psychs" in jail. You see, he accompanied this presentation with extremely EVIL INTENTIONED images of "psychs" being hung, being thrown in the toilet with excrement and of "psychs" going down the sewer.

How to get a scientologist to talk to you

When I was in scientology and talking to someone who was not a scientologist I would suppress my dissatisfactions and try to win them over to become a scientologist. And when I confronted a critic I would try to intimidate them and make them wrong. So strong was my self-created hope that scientology worked for me that the trance like state of needing to remain in scientology continued in the face of these things that didn't make sense. It was a picture of scientology that I kept putting in front of my eyes, kept hoping for, instead of the actual state of things.

Scientology Espionage

3. The church of scientology as part of its doctrine and practice, tells its members that such ‘write-ups' and records of their counseling are ‘confidential' and ‘private priest-penitent privileged information' that will never be revealed. This gives the member a feeling of security in ‘telling all' and thus details and names and circumstances are revealed in the ‘write-ups' and ‘counseling sessions' that probably would never be revealed in any other setting.

Yet, as has been noted by ex-members, such secrets are frequently gathered up for use against them once they leave the church. In fact, such ‘confidential records' are nothing of the sort.

Dear Scientologist

Super Power is going to open the door to world clearing. You have heard how important it is. Yet the Super Power building is not finished yet. It has not been worked on for years. Is that an outpoint? Why would Super Power require a building? Couldn't it be delivered with existing facilities to ensure expansion, while the building was being finished? After all, has it not been delivered to some people without the building?

How much money has been collected for Super Power? You could add up the contributions amounts in the published list to see how much there has been collected. It is nearly one hundred million dollars just from the large contributors. Isn't that enough to finish the building, or at least continue construction? Why are they still collecting that money? The church has told the Media in Clearwater that they have plenty of money to finish the building. Isn't it wrong to say to media that they have enough money to finish the building while they tell Scientologists more is needed?

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