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Jens Tingleff



The "church" <spit> against the Internet

In the fall of 1997, representatives (or people who knew how to send mail as such...) of the Religious Technology Center began attacking a Web-site which contained descriptions of various beleifs of Scientology. I set up a very small mirror, and shortly thereafter drew the fire of the RTC.

The audio clip is used as documentation in the comparison of Christianity and $cientology written by Peik J Strômsholm (modified by me to include a link to the sound clip). An up-to-date site with more sound files and some commentary is found on and on .

The conflict between the "church" and the Internet has made Usenet history since it was escalated on Jan 1st 1995 by a raid on a critic (the first of many). While it's quite trendy to make fun of the beliefs of scientologists, the conflict has been fueled by the behaviour of the huge origanisation known as the "church".

The behaviour of the "church" is governed by their religious belief that civil courts are to be used as instruments for harassement of critics . While, on one hand, the "church" uses the civil law courts in new and imaginative ways , they never cease to complain about "religious persecution" when a government acts against them.

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