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L. Rick Vodicka

Author of "An Illustrated History of Scientology"

An Illustrated History of Scientology - In Color

Here it is…the epic tale of alien overlords, the planet Teegeeack, H-bombs in volcanoes, and Mankind's Greatest Ally! "An Illustrated History of Scientology: Third Edition" is available for all to download, free of charge, because how could you possibly put a price on the TRUTH and HISTORY of humanity’s very existence? Well, L. Ron Hubbard did, I guess. Now you too can see why Hollywood's biggest and dumbest stars are wild about Scientology! It's the only religion that matters! It’s like a drug, and rich people love drugs! Just look at Tom Cruise. That dude’s brain is fried by the unmitigated power of Scientology. [...]
Color version (PDF, 5.61 MiB)   Black & white (PDF, 4.14 MiB)

Rick Vodicka vs. The Church of Scientology: Clam Slam 2005!

About 4 months after the book appeared online, my friend and I both received cease-and-desist orders from a lawyer named Ava Paquette who represents the Church of Scientology (try "Googling" her name and check out her path of destruction). Ava claimed the book to be loaded with copyright infringements and arrogant, among other things, and demanded that the book be removed from the website and that I destroy all copies of the infringing work, or else we could be subject to exorbitant fines. Here's the email she sent me (have a good laugh): [...]

Accordingly, we request that you have these materials removed from the Internet immediately and advise us by May 6, 2005 that you have also destroyed all copies of your infringing work.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


Ava Paquette


The Rick Vodicka Experience: Can U Feel It?

The Scientology book is based entirely on factual research. Nothing is fabricated and all sources are cited. And yet, many people rightfully think that the whole story is bad science fiction. This is also true.

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