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Tom Voltz

Former scientologist (personal web site:, in German).

Religio: "Tom Voltz: like a crime novel on economics"

[...] Tom Voltz writes against the movement, which dominated his life since he was 16 years old, with great attention to detail. With uncountable original quotes, partly unknown to this date, he proves that Scientology actually is no church nor a new religious movement but a totalitarian economical enterprise with a religious cover up. The author also shows that the international concern wants to gain global political power and wants influence - if not even control - over all companies in the world. Tom Voltz concludes that Scientology's ideology does not agree with our understanding of democracy. Biographical notes further show that Hubbard, Scientology's founder, was a dubious person. With his many quotes he demasks Scientology as a totalitarian organization with a dangerous ideology. And here lies the great merit of the book. At the same time it also is its weak point: For the average reader the meticulousness will probably be tiring. [...]

Tom Voltz (2000): "Scientology With(out) an End"

This book came about through L. Ron Hubbard's own device. And I want to confess - its origins were also connected with pain. Sometimes it seems that the pains of realization are proportional to the amount of the realization and the duration of the associated process.

For some of you it may be a surprise that I am publishing a book critical of Scientology. After over twenty years (including breaks) of membership, after employment in the establishment known as the Frankfurt College for Applied Philosophy in the early 70's, as active assistant to the Office for Special Affairs in Zurich and after having been a Class IV auditor, course supervisor and completing OT5, including all three L's, I have finally left Scientology after a long period of separation.

I did it neither lightheartedly nor in a sudden fit of anger. It was more as a result of my adventure with WISE International and the rest of the international management systems which will be described in more detail in this book. The more than questionable method of dealing with critical members and the contradictions in the works of Ron had left me increasingly puzzled. I could no longer reconcile them with my integrity. In spite of the "knowledge reports" which I had written in vain all the way up to RTC because of grievances I had uncovered, I could not detect any corrections; instead I was put under pressure, I was the target of professional "black PR" both in my country and out, and was hurt economically as far as the power of Scientology could reach. [...]

Der Spiegel (1994): "Foundation gone"

An Ex-Scientologist is contesting the rights of the Sect to use a Psycho Test. Millions are at stake.

In "scientologese" the story would sound like this: he is a "suppressive person" and has enjoyed the blessings of Dianetics for years through the enlightenments of the genius and founder of the sect, L. Ron Hubbard, and then he commits "treason".

The traitor's name is Tom Voltz, 39, he lives in Zurich and according to his own statements he was a member of the sect for 23 years. As a business consultant, he "missioned" numerous companies with the simple insights of the self-proclaimed church, with the help of a Personality Test, which is an important tool of the Scientology ideology.

Scientology has been using the so-called Oxford Capacity Analysis test (OCA) in its modified form also known as U Test for many years: at street stalls, in so-called Missions and Orgs, but also during Recruitment Tests in companies which are close to Scientology, the persons to be tested have to answer 200 intimate questions concerning the state of affairs of their own soul. For example: "Do you often ponder about your own inferiority?" This examination allegedly gives revealing information about important character traits of the person tested. [...]

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