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Michael Voytinsky

Canadian critic.

Scientology Explained

«Imagine yourself going to a Catholic confession. Now imagine the same confession, but with you connected to a lie detector. Imagine now, if you will, this confession lasting for several hours. Picture the priest taking notes during the confession and putting them in a file folder. "Your confession is entirely confidential," he assures you. If this image does not disturb you yet, add paying $200 for each hour spend in the confessional. That is the central rite of the Church of Scientology, known by the harmless sounding term of "auditing".»

An afternoon with Scientologists

«I visited the Ottawa Church of Scientology today with a couple of friends, and now I am trying to put the experience in words. This is not an easy task — I have little in my experience which approaches the degree of irrationality that I encountered today. Half-crazed Fundamentalist Christian street preachers look like paragons of rational and intelligent thought in comparison. It was like being inside a bad Saturday Night Live sketch that just went on and on and on, with no punch line in sight. Nevertheless, I will attempt to relate my experiences and hope for the best, and pray that the reader does not casually assume that nothing this ridiculous could be for real.»

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