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Alan Walter

Former scientologist.

Time (Jan. 1983): "Mystery of the Vanished Ruler" (Gerry Armstrong has scans of this article)

[...] Alan Walter, a Scientologist for 20 years and a mission holder in the Middle West, contends that "Hubbard was a genius in many ways. He was set up by these kids. They were doing insane things. It was a reign of terror." Larry Wollersheim, who considered himself "a cult salesman," says that he was trained to locate the assets of church members and then help them devise explanations to relatives for why they needed so much money. "I was constantly hammered to coerce people to get loans," he claims. [...]

George Malko (1970): "Scientology: the Now Religion - Epilogue"

It is impossible to know from the letter whether one specific incident finally prompted the man [John McMaster] to take a more careful look at what he had been living for so many years. He cites but two; the alleged kidnapping and dungeoning of an extremely successful Scientologist named Alan Walter, [...]

What McMaster treats with such delicate circumspection is the wild rumor extant in Scientology circles at Walter had been called to a meeting with Hubbard when one of the ships was anchored off Cadiz. He had flown over, had been piped aboard with pomp and ceremony, and had then been seized, shackled, and thrown below decks where, the tale continues, he lingers even yet.

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