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Gary Weber

Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian

I'm sorry to say I was a part of this Scientology Gestapo organization and probably felt much like the Nazi Youth did in pre-war Germany, full of hope, our heads filled with great promises, and willing to do anything for the "Fuehrer." It wasn't until years afterwards that I began to get help and shed these false beliefs and mental programs, which I had so vigorously defended in the name of "truth."

Apology to Mayor Gabe Cazares,  Richard Leiby and the Citizens of Clearwater Florida by an ex-Scientology Guardian

I remember the time John Travolta would come to Clearwater and he use to say he loved Scientology but didn't like the Scientology management. Well it was our Guardian's Intelligence office that collected his "confidential confessionals" from his supposedly private and confidential counseling records to compile a dead agent package for use in case he went against the church. Since I didn't see anymore negative talk from him, I guess he was "handled".

The Buffalo News: Helping Spread the Word

Gary Weber, who worked in public relations and legal affairs for the church, told The Buffalo News that he helped plan smear campaigns to discredit public officials and a newspaper reporter.

"Hubbard instructed us to attack and never defend," said Weber, who left the church 20 years ago and today works as an aircraft inspector in Ontario, Calif. "Anybody who attacks saving mankind - which is what we were told we were doing - should be destroyed. They want to be the bully because that way no one will stand up."

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