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Jerry Whitfield

Former scientologist.

Affidavit of Jerry Whitfield (27 February 1998)

«We were required to write weekly reports each Thursday by 2:00 PM and sent in our weekly statistics by that same time each and every week of the year. I was in charge of collecting statistics from each staff member at Narconon, El Paso, Texas. One of the statistics I had to collect each week was number of new Scientologists made this week.

Additionally, a percentage of our gross income was sent to the Church of Scientology each week. I did not work in the accounting department, but I was told on numerous occasions that 10% went to the GO US and 10% went to GO WW. I did, however, participate in the weekly financial planning of the money taken in for the week, and how it was to be spent. So I feel that the 20% figure sent to Scientology each week was accurate. I heard from the Treasury Secretary that checks were made out each week and sent uplines to Scientology. I doubt that I would have been lied to about that for over three years. Especially since there was often a change in Treasury Secretaries and the story stayed the same. Moreover, I worked at Narconon El Paso and Narconon United States, and the percentages were the same in both organizations as told to me by various Treasury Secretaries in both organizations. I served on the Finance Committees for both organizations so I was privy to this information.

We used L Ron Hubbard's techniques for getting people off drug dependency and turning them into Scientologists if we could. We were told by Dick Talbert, a Guardian Office staff member, to tell people that Narconon and Scientology were different corporations and not affiliated.»

Psychiatric Times: "Prozac Frees Ex-Scientology Leader from Depression"

«Although they never met while in the Church of Scientology, Hana and Jerry both left the cult in 1984. They met shortly after that, were married in 1985, and together have faced harassment from Scientologists. After he was accused of writing a bomb threat to Sterling Management, a front group for Scientology, Jerry showed investigators papers about the "PC Freakout," a Scientology plot to discredit author Paulette Cooper, who had written a scathing book about the group, accusing her of a similar plot. "As it turned out, the private investigator looking into the matter was a handwriting expert and already knew I hadn't printed the note," he said. Private investigators lured by Scientology still question neighbors, family, and friends. Jerry said he takes their pictures and goes out to talk to them whenever he sees them.

"Hubbard taught them to rule by fear and intimidation using harassment tactics," Hana said of the current Scientology leadership. "The more you speak out and tell the truth, the less they harass you. When they start bothering us we contact the national media."»

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