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Kendra Wiseman

Former scientologist.
Daughter of Bruce Wiseman.

Kendra Wiseman's posts on...

Kendra Wiseman's blog, "Deflated Lantern".

Hawk Radio (April 10, 2008): "The Edge with Tom Smith: Kendra Wiseman"

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Jenna Miscavige Hill, Kendra Wiseman, Astra Woodcraft: "Ex-Scientology Kids"

Ex-Scientology kids is designed, owned, and operated by three young women who grew up in Scientology, and later left the Church. We feel that growing up in the Scientology environment is a unique experience that's almost impossible to comprehend unless you've lived it yourself. For what it's worth, we offer non-judgemental support for those who are still in Scientology, discussion and debate for those who've already left, and a plethora of easy-to-understand references for the curious. [...]

Ex-Scientology Kids: "Kendra's Scientology Story"

My name is Kendra Wiseman. [...]

Recently, thanks to the actions of Anonymous, a group of internet activists, and the public testimony of Jenna Miscavige Hill, I've decided to speak up. I'd like to personally thank all the members of Anonymous for helping to make us heard, for allowing me to feel safe to speak, and for giving me the inspiration to tell my story. Also thanks to Astra Woodcraft and Jenna Miscavige Hill, who I hope to share a coffee with someday. You're both invited to my wedding.

It is a strong possibility that coming out and speaking like this effectively closes the door on any chance I may have had to speak with my parents again. I will without a doubt be officially declared a Suppressive Person, I may be stalked and harassed, I may be ridiculed, but I'm beyond fear of that now. I do hope my parents know that I still love them, that I'm proud of them, and that someday I'll have the chance to talk with them and get to know them again.

I miss you guys. So here goes... [...]

KHOW 640 AM (March 7, 2008): "Peter Doyle Show"

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KFI 640 AM (March 4, 2008): "Bryan Suits Show"

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Los Angeles Times (March 3, 2008): "Scientology taking hits online"

[...] "We were born. We grew up. We escaped."

So reads the motto of, a website launched Thursday by three young women raised in the Church of Scientology who are speaking out against the religion. Their website accuses the church of physical abuse, denying some children a proper education and alienating members from family.

One of the women behind the site, Jenna Miscavige Hill, is the niece of David Miscavige, the head of the church, and Kendra Wiseman is the daughter of Bruce Wiseman, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Scientology-sponsored organization opposed to the practice of psychiatry. [...]

Los Angeles Times (February 26, 2008): "Letters to the editor"

Scientology: faith and doubts

Re "A leap beyond faith," Opinion, Feb. 18

When I was 17, I left the Church of Scientology. When I was 22, my parents and all members of my immediate family were pressured by the church to "disconnect" from me. When I heard of the protests by Anonymous on behalf of all those who have lost their families, homes and savings accounts to Scientology, I thanked God that someone was finally willing to listen. Reading Michael Shermer's Op-Ed article, I was surprised to find myself frustrated and misty-eyed. Why is it that journalists repeatedly and insistently focus on the sensationalist aspect of the Xenu story when reporting about Scientology, ignoring child labor, physical assault, psychological abuse and other travesties that go on every day behind those walls?

Kendra Wiseman
Los Angeles