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Lawrence Wollersheim

Former scientologist, left after 11 years.
Scientology library: Lawrence "Larry" Wollersheim

«Lawrence Dominick (Larry) Wollersheim. Former Scientologist who launched a civil case against Scientology in 1985 which placed the OT levels in the court record. — Lamont.

«He had Craig J. Stein, State Bar # 98041, as attorney to collect his multi-million dollar judgement against Scientology, outstanding for over 10 years. Stein said this about Wollersheim in this case: Certainly Mr. Wollersheim has publicly commented on the tactics of Scientology both in litigation and in connection with its "religious" practices. Why not. He is aggrieved to the tune of more than 5.2 million dollars as a result of these practices. As far as I can tell his commentary is protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Wollersheim had Lynn Farney, a "reverend" in the "church" of Scientology, post some statements about him on the Internet. Among those statements Farney wrote that Mr. Wollersheim, while attending his military draft related physical examination, smeared peanut butter in his underwear, ate the peanut butter and ran screaming through the facility to feign mental illness. This information may have possibly come from Wollersheim's supposedly confidential confessional folders. Stein commented further: Remember before this litigation commenced this "church" and this "religion" ordered Mr. Wollersheim to sever all of his relationships with his family, held him prisoner on a ship, intentionally drove his business into bankruptcy and later while he was contemplating suicide, caused by this "church's" religious practices, prohibited him from seeking professional help, among assorted other pleasantries in Wollersheim -v- Church of Scientology of California, (1989) 212 Cal.App.3d 872, 892-894 — LegalA.»

[Source: "Who's Who in Scientology" by Martin Hunt]


Since 1993 FACTNet has been to Psychological Coercion and Mind Control what Amnesty International has been to Physical Coercion and Torture.

FACTnet (November 2005): "Special Update on 8.6 Million Dollar Wollersheim Scientology Collection Success and Refund Success Tips for Ex-Scientologists"

As of this date, I have successfully collected almost 70 million of the 86 million “thin dimes” that David Miscavige, their leader, personally vowed and continues to vow I will never collect.

The success in collecting these 70 million dimes also should bring renewed hope to those of you victimized by Scientology may who wish to get full refunds, out of court settlement payments from Scientology and/or win litigation with them for any and all real harm that they caused you --- even if it has been many, many years since you left.

Court of Appeals of California (May 2001): "Wollersheim Decision: Cult's conduct 'manifestly outrageous'"

Wollersheim attempted to escape from the ship because he felt he "was dying and losing [his] mind."His escape was thwarted by Scientology members who seized Wollersheim and held him captive until he agreed to remain and continue with the auditing and other religious practices taking place on the vessel. One of the psychiatric witnesses testified Wollersheim's experience on the ship was one of five cataclysmic events underlying the diagnosis of his mental illness and its cause.

At another stage Scientology auditors convinced him to "disconnect" from his wife and his parents and other family members because they had expressed concerns about Scientology and Wollersheim's continued membership. "Disconnect" meant he was no longer to have any contact with his family.

The Washington Post (May 2002): "Ex-Scientologist Collects $8.7 Million In 22-Year-Old Case"

Wollersheim, who suffered from a bipolar disorder, was forbidden to seek medical help under Scientology policies, he says. He quit the church after spending $150,000 on Hubbard's "mental health" regimes, and by 1980 had filed suit. In 1986, a jury awarded him $5 million in compensatory damages and $25 million to punish the church for what jurors called intentional and negligent "infliction of emotional distress."

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (27 July 1998)

27. Mr. Wollersheim's PC file was several thousand pages in length and stood as high as a six-foot tall man. Initially at this meeting it was decided that Mr. Wollersheim's PC file would be redacted and culled of any evidence or documentation which might assist Mr. Wollersheim in his lawsuit against CSC. There was also concern that the materials known as Clear, OT I, OT II, OT III and NED for OT's (NOTS) would be open to public inspection if Mr. Wollersheim's files were produced as ordered. Scientologists are taught that a person could catch pneumonia and die if that person is prematurely exposed to these "upper level" materials without first having taken many hours of preparatory auditing. Ultimately, approximately 50 pages were produced pursuant to the court order. Mr. Wollersheim's PC file was culled based on a direct order from David Miscavige.

28. Later, I was informed that a second court order was issued to produce Mr. Wollersheim's entire file. Faced with the prospect of having to produce the entire file David Miscavige gave orders that the entire file simply be destroyed by being pulped.

Denver Westword (August 1997): "Hush-hush money" by Alan Prendergast

The FACTNet founder says he went into settlement talks with Rinder and others in a sincere effort to settle all his past and pending litigation against the church, but the conditions sought by the church were unacceptable. By his account, they included not only a “gag order” that would have prevented him from commenting on Scientology in the future but a requirement that he make “false and self-incriminating public statements” repudiating his criticism of the group. Worst of all, he says, church officials wanted FACTNet closed and its archives destroyed; having compiled what he describes as a “massive library” of inside information about the church, including accounts of alleged mistreatment by ex-members and reports of suspicious deaths, Wollersheim refused.

“To allow a free-speech organization to be bought by an organization trying to censor information and destroy a library,” he says, “would be cognitive dissonance to the level of insanity.” [...]

Denver Westword (March 1997): "Nightmare on the Net" by Alan Prendergast

Strange things happen around Lawrence Wollersheim. His businesses collapse. His Boulder apartment gets raided by federal marshals, his computers seized. When college students offer to help him rebuild his computer bulletin-board system, they receive threatening phone calls--anonymous voices urging them to stay away from Larry.

A California judge who presided over a lawsuit in which Wollersheim was the plaintiff told reporters he'd encountered a lot of "funny stuff" during the five-month trial, including slashed tires on his car and strangers tailing him. Recently, Wollersheim says, someone claiming to be him contacted his bank in a clumsy attempt to obtain his financial records. [...]

FACTnet: "How I healed the psychological injuries from my abuse in a cult"

I am the Co-founder of the oldest and largest internet source of free information on cults and mind control. I am also the winner of an 8.7 million dollar lawsuit against Scientology --- that Scientology was forced to pay!

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