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Bradley Woodward


Scientology and Christianity Examined

«These pages are a collection of information regarding the Church of Scientology and it's dealings with the world around it.  Let me be the first to say that they are not a flattering look at Scientology.  Let me also say that most of this information is not my own.  It is collected from various public sources around the web and newsgroups.  While there is reference to "secret" teachings, none of the documents are stored on this server (although links to sources may be provided).

This page does assume that the reader has an understanding of Christianity, its basic theology and teachings regarding Jesus Christ.  It looks at some of the theological issues that divide the two religions, and also has a long hard look at L. Ron Hubbard himself. I do this because it is my belief that a 'thing' is as only as strong as the foundations it is built on. Take Christianity, for example. It is a religion that is 100% dependant on the character and person of Jesus Christ. If it could be proven that Jesus was of bad character, lied, stole, etc, then the entire Christian faith is worthless. It becomes nothing more than a social group with some rather strict membership guidelines.»

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