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Scott Yeager

Former scientologist.

Affidavit of Scott Yeager (date unknown)

I was involved in Scientology ill Portland, OR from 1977 through 1982.

I spent over 20,000 dollars with very few results. I spent the bulk of the money ($14,000) signing up for the Dianetic Clear Special Intensive through OT 3. OT 1 through OT 3 were never delivered because the money was used up at a rate of $300 per hour trying to fix past incorrect auditing through lengthy "Correction Lists", "Repairs", and yes, even repairing the faulty repairs called "Reviews."

In 1981 my wife Susan Yeager got acute lymphocytic leukemia. After her 3rd relapse in 1982 she was told by Bruce McKenzie, the Portland mission's ethics officer that I was the cause of her cancer. He told her that I was an SP (Suppressive Person) and she got cancer because she was married to me. Note — I have never been declared an SP by the C.O.S. (Church of Scientology). Bruce told her that the only way she could live was by divorcing me. Several weeks later after getting auditing and being disconnected from me she was very sick and I was able to get her admitted to the City of Hope Hospital where she died in December, 1982.

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