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Robert Vaughn Young

Writer, former scientologist and public relation officer for the Church of Scientology, left after 21 years. Died on June 15, 2003 after battling prostate cancer.
«Each of us does what we can do. Our obligation is to do it as well as we can, with as much grace, dignity, integrity and honor our egos can tolerate.» — Robert Vaughn Young
«Remembering Robert Vaughn Young.» — Mark Plummer
«He was a very real person, now gone from our midst. He gave us such amazingly in-depth insider info on Scientology that reveals the reality behind the false LRH boi, the fake glitz of pre-programmed celebrities and empty promises of OT powers. THANK YOU RVY!!» — Michael Pattinson
«Robert Vaughn Young was a good friend. A courageous educator regarding the dangers of Scientology.» — Lawrence Wollersheim
«One that's a 'must read' (although most of RVY's works would qualify) is his testimony in the Lisa McPherson civil trial/Dandar disqualification hearings, where he very succinctly explained the theoretical and ontological certainty that the 'Church' was of necessity aware of her impending death.» — Joe Lynn

Robert Vaughn Young: "Scientology from inside out: A former insider reveals strategies for managing the news media"
For my training, I studied and had secret directives from Hubbard and others on how to handle reporters, how to deal with police and government agencies, how to create front groups, and how to discredit or destroy a person or a group with Hubbard's "fair game" doctrine.

RVY Update by RVY (Robert Vaughn Young)

And then it hit me. It was what Hubbard calls a blue flash, the sudden insight.

Hubbard didn't die.

He was killed.

I fell back in my chair, completely stunned. In all of the years since 1986, I had never once considered that possibility. Even with my being long out of the cult and directing criticism at various practices and policies, the thought had never crossed my mind that Hubbard might have been killed.

FACTnet: "Robert Vaughn Young"

Robert Vaughn Young died on June 15, 2003 after a long illness.

In Memorium

Robert Vaughn Young was a good friend. A courageous educator regarding the dangers of Scientology.

On many occasions he provided vital help to FACTNet and the FACTNet team working on the Wollersheim case.

Vaughn will be dearly missed.

Lawrence Wollersheim 
Director of FACTNet

Robert Vaughn Young Writings inside FACTNet


The Orwellian Nature of Scientology

Hubbard gets the same praise. Every success is due to his methods and every mistake or failure is due to someone or something else. His face is everywhere in Scientology organizations, just as one finds the leader in other dictatorships: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, China, the old USSR and Nazi Germany, and for the exact reasons Orwell gives.

Affidavit of Robert Vaughn Young (9 March 1994)

My credentials as an expert on Scientology includes over 20 years as a staff member in the organization. In those 20 years, I have held nearly every type of position at every echelon. I have worked at the local, the regional, the national and the international levels. I have been a Scientology representative and spokesman before governmental bodies, the media and the courts. I have trained others on how to handle the media and governmental agencies. I have been the most senior public relations executive for Scientology world wide. I worked for years at the echelon that handles critics, "enemies," the media, judges, the courts and the government. I have been privy to documents and tactics of the most secret nature, including illegalities committed by Scientology executives and the means of cover-up. I have been called on many occasions to personally handle "hot" situations of the most sensitive nature ranging from the mysterious death of the son of Scientology Founder Ron Hubbard ("Hubbard") to the death of Hubbard himself. I have been privy to financial schemes and scams involving tens of millions of dollars. I also know how Scientology manipulates the law to avoid any revelation of the truth.

Towards A New Model Of ''Cult Control"

"I saw you on the 'Dateline' show," she said. I nodded as she remarked some more about it. Finally she asked the question. "So how long were you in Scientology?"

"About 21 years," I said.

"Wow," she said actually surprised. "If it really is as bad as I hear, how could you stay in it that long?"

There it was, that same question. Well, this time I had a new answer.

"I guess that's like asking an abused women why she stayed in that relationship for so long when…"

She suddenly turned to me and raised her hands in front of her, one of those "halt" motions and said, "Say no more! I just ended an abusive marriage of 12 years. I know exactly what you are talking about."

And right there, we became friends. We had something in common.

Las Vegas Review Journal (Jul. 1980): "Scientology Church official quits"

[...] Church spokesman Vaughn Young of Los Angeles said the allegations regarding the spy operations were "not being denied" but will be addressed in a soon-to-be-filed court document.

Concerning the background investigations conducted on Review-Journal executives, Young said he could not confirm they took place. [...]

    Hello & Goodbye from Robert Vaughn Young (RVY)
A more modern instance can be found in what was East Germany. The citizens there firmly believed the West was evil and that they were the ones who had true freedom, until the wall came down and they came to learn the truth about their government and the world. The citizens of East Germany weren't evil. They were simply deluded by an evil government. That's why Radio Free Europe was blocked. That is why Scientologists are kept away from ARS, unless approved by Dept. 20/RTC.

An Open Letter from Robert Vaughn Young to Chick Corea and John Travolta

Plus if you are going to speak out against abuse of Scientologists, you need to learn about what is being done to them by the organization itself, such as forced abortions, the incarcerations, the beatings, deprivations and other degradations. Nor do you know what is being done to silence people from writing letters like this. (Go back to the covert operations of the Guardian's Office that came out in the FBI raid and you will get an idea.)

Open Letter to Mike Rinder from Robert Vaughn Young

What I mean by a threat is that any staff member or even a public can go onto the Net and get things that you can't control. Back in the "old days" we could control what the members and staff knew. When there was an entheta article in Philadelphia or East Grinstead, it could be contained. Now the damned things get thrown on the Net, not to mention court rulings and videos! It used to be that Dept. 20 was the only ones who knew about the entheta stories or adverse court rulings. Now they are right there for anyone to find, thanks to the Net. "Scientology® Versus Robert Vaughn Young"

I've been posting to ARS for a few years now and then I disappeared, although I was occasionally in touch with several of you via email. I want to tell you what's been going on. Plus it will give the criminal cult something to whine, bitch, carp, natter, scream, cry, rant about which might get someone's stats up there so they can get a day off to do their laundry. (Boy, do I remember that routine!)

For those who don't know me, I was in the cult for nearly 21 years. [...] Because I spoke out, they had to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last five years trying to silence me and probably even think they finally did it. Right. Read on.

If you can manage about 7,000 words, this post will tell you more than the cult wants you to know.

Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF

So the next time Chick Corea or John Travolta complain about the treatment of Scientologists, would someone let them show them either this post or the entry from the Administrative Dictionary and ask them to protest how Scientologists are treated INSIDE Scientology? (Don't be surprised if an Orwellian edit on this definition is done, if not done already.)

And also pass it on to those who say there is no form of "cult mind control" that goes on in Scientology. Better yet, let THEM do the RPF's RPF and keep them there until they change THEIR minds "of their own self-determinism" and let's see what they say.

Scientology's system "hacker proof" (by RVY)

INCOMM was created to be the computer data base for Scientology. Foster Thompkins was put in charge of the setup. It was to serve as a repository for all LRH writings so they could be word searched. (That was "SIR" or Source Information Retrieval). Routing forms were to go into the computer base. Time machine programs were to run the programs, automatically ordering the person to do the step. And there was email. (Financial records and other were to be added later, he said.)

Hubbard's SPs/Hitler's Jews

If an SP is forced out of his job, it is good, just as it was good if a Jew was fired or thrown out on the street. If an SP goes to a club meeting and the membership has turned against him, it is good, as it was good for the Jew. In fact, any misfortune is good for the SP/Jew. They deserve it, according to Hubbard/Hitler.

Wikipedia: Robert Vaughn Young

Robert Vaughn Young (1938 - June 15, 2003) commonly known by his initials, RVY was a writer who was for many years the public relations officer for the Church of Scientology. He edited L. Ron Hubbard's ten-volume Mission Earth series. Young claimed that Hubbard had written the main text of the series, but that he had ghostwritten the introduction of each volume, as well as other writings in Hubbard's name.

After leaving the Church of Scientology, Young became prominent as an expert in court cases regarding Scientology and as an Internet-based critic of the organization.

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