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Stacy Brooks Young

Former scientologist, GO/OSA staffer, left after nearly 15 years.
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Meet Stacy Brooks
Stacy spent nearly fifteen years working in the upper levels of Scientology management in Los Angeles.

Since leaving the organization in 1989, Stacy has exposed the abuse and deception of Scientology on such television programs as 60 Minutes and Dateline, and has spoken on the subject at a number of conferences.

She has served as an expert consultant on many court cases involving Scientology.

In the eleven years since she left, Stacy has helped hundreds of people recover from the abuse and deception of Scientology.

German Documentary (1999): "Missing in Happy Valley" (dubbed in English, transcript at Rick A. Ross Institute)

Off-camera commentator: That is Stacy Brooks. She was a member of management of the Scientology secret service and "I was a puppet for over 15 years," she said.

Stacy Brooks: You know you really, honestly believe, when you are a Scientologist, that it is the only route to happiness. And then if you leave it, you have no hope of ever being happy. You believe in this idea when you are in there, and I don't know how you can accomplish that belief. All I can do is describe it. Vaughn agreed to go back to the RPF because he truly believed that it was essential to life for him to remain a Scientologist. And this is the only way that they would allowed him to stay a Scientologist. For this reason people put themselves through the most humiliating, abusive and horrible experiences that you can imagine, for this deceptive and delusional idea. [...]

Affidavit of Stacy Brooks Young (9 March 1994)

89. But in the Scientology world there is a thing called statistics, and Fishman was an unsuspecting victim of this system. Every single staff member in a Scientology organization has a statistic which measures his or her production. These statistics are reported every Thursday to International Management in CSI and RTC. For Scientology staff members, their lives virtually revolve around making sure their statistics are rising every week. Many things depend upon this. If their stats are down they may not be paid that week. They may not be allowed to spend any time with their spouse or children. They may not be allowed any time off at all, and since they already work as much as 14 to 18 hours a day or more, one day or even half a day off becomes very important, even if it is only enough time to do laundry. If their stats continue to go down over a period of time, they risk being assigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force or "RPF," which is a Scientology prison camp. Needless to say, people can become quite desperate under these circumstances, and they will do just about anything to get their statistics up.

Affidavit of Stacy Brooks Young (22 March 1994)

12. The truth is much simpler: I am no longer under the influence of the coercive and manipulative methods of Scientology and I can now see how abusive the practices of this group are. There are many people who are still its psychological and emotional captives, and these people are not only being victimized by the Scientology Sea Organization command structure but are also perpetrating abuse on others, Including children who cannot speak for themselves. People are being held under guard; people are being interrogated on the E-Meter for the slightest infraction. or the slightest hint of disaffection, women are being coerced into aborting their unborn children; parents are being kept from their children for weeks and even months at a time. Scientology registrars are coercing people to part with their life savings; they are convincing people to turn over their credit cards; Scientology leaders are pouring money into the Sea Org coffers while staff in the local organizations live in abject poverty.

Stacy Brooks: "My perspective on auditing"

Now you have had hundreds of hours of Dianetics and Grade auditing. Your idea of what is real has completely changed. You know you are different from other people, because now you know that you have lived for millions of years. You know it is true because you've relived so many experiences in your auditing. You feel set apart from other people who have not yet discovered the truth. You want your family to experience the truth too, but you can't tell them. They wouldn't believe you. They have to experience it for themselves. You're spending your time with other Scientologists now, because it's uncomfortable to be around non-Scientologists. They don't understand. Scientologists are the only ones who know what reality really is.

A classic example of the fair game policy at work

Now, you have to understand that in Scientology the "wilful suspension of disbelief" is a way of life, so much so that no one, from DM on down, ever admits for even a moment that everything that happens in there is nothing more than play-acting. Everyone is so good at it that they fool themselves into thinking they really believe what they’re pretending.

So it was with the GA videotapes. When DM ordered me to doctor the tapes he never for a moment acted like he actually knew that he was ordering me to doctor them. With a straight face he ordered me to edit the tapes to take out all the irrelevant bits so it would be a concise record of Gerry’s confession that he was an informant. And when I edited them that was truly what I told myself I was doing. Everyone joined in the delusion that we were simply tightening up the videotape.

Scientology's Rejection of the Family

The woman told her mother that she didn't want to be in Scientology any more. Then the woman's mother pulled the child aside and in all seriousness urged the child to file for legal emancipation from the parents so that the child, who is underage, could go back into the Sea Org.

The child was very upset but, according to the woman, is beginning to enjoy interacting with other family members and friends. I asked the woman to fax me a copy of the tape excerpt her mother had given her. When I read the excerpt, it sickened me. I have never seen this excerpt before. I have never seen a quote from LRH in which he so clearly urges his followers to turn away from their families.

Stacy Young does exit counceling

After this experience it is more clear to me than ever that freedom of speech and freedom of thought are the mortal enemies of totalitarianism. No wonder scientology is out to destroy the Internet. No totalitarian system of government can survive the free flow of information. No wonder scientology is so afraid that one of their members might sit down and have a conversation with me. God forbid a scientologist gains access to information that is not under the control of the organization. God forbid scientologists begin to exercise their inalienable rights of free speech, free thought and free association.

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