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Scientology's secular fronts: "Books"

The "books" and/or "materials" expense/income items are commonly found in the 990 filings of Scientology secular fronts.

Most books and materials are bought from Bridge Publications, Inc., ("BPI") and/or New Era Publications International ("NEPI") (both publishing entities are integrated auxiliaries of the Church of Scientology International), which publishing entities in turn pay royalties do Church of Spiritual Technology, also a religious organization.

This is made clear from these statements from Association for Better Living and Education ("ABLE") to the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") in 1993:

ABLE released a new series of books for the Narconon program in 1991 and a set of children’s books on Mr. Hubbard’s study technology in 1992 that were all derived from Mr. Hubbard’s original writings. (Copyrights to these books will remain in the trust containing Mr. Hubbard’s estate, for distribution to a section 501(c) (3) organization.) ABLE will continue to work with CSI staff in preparing new educational material, as necessary.

All books will be published by Bridge Publications (English language editions) or New Era Publications (foreign language editions), two publishing companies of the Scientology religion. In special circumstances unrelated commercial publishers may publish certain books. Any royalties due from book sales will be paid by the appropriate publisher.

ABLE, in turn, will be the sole distributor of the books and educational materials. It will provide them to both the international and local social-betterment organizations, to the trade (if appropriate), and to interested individuals and other organizations.

[Source: Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE): Form 1023 / Part II: Activities and operational information]

Below, a table with the training fees paid/collected by the Scientology's secular fronts. Click on a figure to open the PDF file in which the figure appears. The amounts are taken from expense and income items marked as "books," and from Part I/line 10 of the 990 filings. Figures in U.S. dollars. There are probably more revenue from books and/or materials which are not reported here, as only the items unambiguously described as books and/or materials are reported here.

46 entities200720062005200420032002
Change from previous year
Ability Academy Inc. (dba, Delphi Academy of San Diego)  6,996 8,559       
Ability Plus Academy of Colorado, Inc.  21626329123420527440155106639
Ability School of Utah  903903        
Ability School, Inc.  529 1,500   1,202 585 
Academy for Learning  3,1483,148  2,5612,5613,1243,1242,7893,202
Applied Scholastics International  98,063231,975106,127284,73884,958202,174117,370148,09553,858100,927
Applied Scholastics of Florida, Inc. (dba, Applied Scholastics East U.S.)        14,83417,80617,62721,188
Applied Scholastics of Orange County    1642974839761,1192,4621,2082,304
Applied Scholastics Western United States      11,65826,04420,45732,73421,83329,171
Association for Better Living and Education International  373,921673,253333,704619,723304,206541,425320,241432,040264,034390,241
Church of Scientology of Arizona    132,760147,02957,54095,773  69,96795,920
Citizens Commission on Human Rights  25,07389,07316,95051,9349,25631,75015,18356,55227,15478,233
Citizens for an Alternative Tax System       717219  
Clearwater Academy International, Inc.  36,340 16,219 20,388 23,07128,35724,74330,995
Criminon Inc.  4781,800        
Criminon International  3,4576,1352,0065,954   50 100
Delphi Academy of Boston, Inc.   804 940 1,114 668 627
Delphi Schools, Inc.  73,731133,700105,908153,85413,82489,36827,878102,22722,075119,404
Education Basics and Beyond, Inc. (also, The Brighten School)    1,309 1,2581,2611,7051,6011,4271,419
Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education  20,569261,12236,579385,257    34,031283,472
Friends of Narconon, International  16,11450,88712,64040,9546,28914,94910,77322,9225,36428,400
Golden Academy and Tutoring Center         2,472  
Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (Los Angeles)  1,085       4,4233,052
International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance  10,62913,6963422,2995312,1147453,3241,5278,437
Literacy and Education Awareness Project  6,421 2,567 4,363 2,049 9821,293
Minnesota Applied Study Technology, Inc.           1,160
Mojave Academy, Inc.      9,620 3,127 7,359 
Narconon - Hawaii*  3,468118 90      
Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, Inc.  10311275100316661405651,1812,213
Narconon Eastern United States  2,1083,1658,6143,1951,875     
Narconon Florida, Inc.  75         
Narconon Fresh Start (formerly, Narconon Southern California)  118,340225,059104,033204,93986,057156,32877,812143,12365,79392,630
Narconon Inc.  41843932544826661,2141,5002,0072,262
Narconon International  43,10486,50682,119122,12748,78288,01169,781101,91433,27644,527
Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat  5,58715,500        
Narconon Northern California  57,786112,77551,94888,92527,39174,12631,55793,36729,00551,148
Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. (also, Narconon Arrowhead)  135,728391,383257,138464,276193,170383,583148,317263,775191,513322,307
Narconon Sacramento     2,794      
Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center, Inc.  13,884 58,348 39,854     
Renaissance Academy Inc.        5,512 264 
Second Chance Program, Inc.  3,755 200 9,905     
Set A Good Example Foundation (formerly, Concerned Businessmen's Association of America)      24,406 503 1,548 
Standard Education, Inc.    814884486    
The Clearwater Community Volunteers, Inc.  8,043         
The Way to Happiness Foundation International  121,689368,673108,098341,112109,212357,47171,242165,45456,10694,215
Youth for Human Rights International  5,5798,835