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Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc.

Basic information
Name Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc.
Scientology-linked? Yes
Type Non-profit (religious)
Life span Oct 19, 1976 – ...
Status Active
Jurisdiction Australia (check...)
Stated purpose
“... exists for the benefit of the public at large and in particular for the furherance of the doctrines and Creed of the religion of Scientology throughout the world and for the purpose of administering religious colleges for the instruction of members of the college or their delegates in the doctrines and creed of Scientology, and for the training and ordination of ministers of the religion of Scientology. ...” (1982)
Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (as of 1993)
Bradley, Barbara Director, secretary, trustee
Garside, Beryl Director, treasurer, trustee
Mattieson, Craig Director, chairman, trustee
Other name(s)
Complementary info

A store of documents relating to COSRECI was posted at (thanks whoever), I grabbed and hosted them here for convenience:

From the above financial statements (figures in 000s UKP, before taxation, if any):

Net assets13,23418,0167,36819,704

There is also an overview of revenue/expense for the years 1989-90, which was submitted to the IRS: Question III: Exhibit 4J - Analysis of money flow, and Question IV: Exhibit 3 - Analysis of money flow (corrected, after the IRS noted discrepancies in a earlier submission.)

From the library
“Church of Scientology Religious Education College Incorporated (COSRECI)”
Financial information
Received from...  Paid to...
Flag Ship Trust (FST) (1989-1991)$10,099,055
Scientology International Reserves Trust (SIRT) (1989-1991)$2,084,030
Church of Scientology International (CSI) (1988-1990)$218,168
Church of Scientology Western United States (CSWUS) (1988)$4,173
Total received $12,405,426

Obviously, only transactions for which a record exists and was found are shown
People (historical)
Duties (historical)