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Camelot Artists Productions, Inc.

Basic information
Name Camelot Artists Productions, Inc.
Scientology-linked? n/a
Type Non-profit (secular)
Life span n/a
Status Not researched
Stated purpose
"1 To stimulate, promote and develop interest in the arts through the presentation of theatrical performances, seminars, visual exhibits and multi media programs
"2 The development of professional artists who have (A) a high sense of achievement (B) the abolity to work well in groups (C) the ability to seek improvement and the potential of his/her artistic talent (D) the ability to keep healthy in body and mind (E) the ability to create what is needed to express fully to an audience the highest possible communication and bring to the audience understanding
"3 To extend access to the arts to all segments of society" (2006)
Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (as of 2006)
Barton, Allen Treasurer, Performer
Cohan, Art Secretary
Grossman, Gary President, Producer/actor
Other name(s)
From the library
“Camelot Artists Productions”
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