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Tips: You might want to add the short form of a name (i.e. "Joe" for "Joseph") or the long form of a shortened name (i.e. "Albert" for "Al") to your search terms. As an example, if you want to search for "mike holdsworth," you should rather search for "mike holdsworth michael" to ensure that all entries are returned. Also, you might try a surname with the word ‘family’, as it is common to have a whole family reported as a single entry in case of donations.

Target = “Bill Baikie”
Names are roughly sorted by level of confidence
491 potential matches out of 98925
Bill Baikie
Bill Sherman
Bill Sherkan
Bill Shenker
Bill Shields
Bill Shea
Bill Shields Jr.
Bill Shields, Sr.
Bill Shields, Jr.
Bill Shields Sr.
Bill Shannon
Bill Shields Jr
Bill Shanley
Bill Schilling
Bill Schive
Bill Schenker
Bill Schaeffer
Bill Runyon
Bill Schmidt
Bill Schreiner
Bill Shaid
Bill Shaffer
Bill Scott
Bill Sckrifvars
Bill Shields, Jr.
Bill Shirley
Bill Spitziel
Bill Steiner
Bill Spitzel
Bill Spires
Bill Sousa
Bill Stempke
Bill Stenson
Bill Strickland
Bill Strauss
Bill Stock
Bill Stevenson
Bill Snyder III
Bill Smith
Bill Simpson
Bill Shreiner
Bill Shive
Bill Runyan
Bill Skrifvars
Bill Skutta
Bill Smalley
Bill Slusher
Bill Skutta Sr.
Bill Skutta Jr.
Bill Shields, Sr.
Bill Rundle
Bill Pain
Bill Parker
Bill Osvath
Bill Orris
Bill Orr
Bill Parmenter
Bill Parrigan
Bill Penninger
Bill Pelletier
Bill Peck
Bill Parrish
Bill O'Meara
Bill O'Krakel
Bill Nemoede
Bill Nemode
Bill Nagengast
Bill Murphy
Bill Newby
Bill Nicoletto
Bill O'Donnell
Bill O'Connell
Bill Null
Bill Nolan
Bill Perpelitt
Bill Pfleger
Bill Rhodes
Bill Reilly
Bill Regal
Bill Reeves
Bill Richcreek
Bill Rodriguez
Bill Ruble
Bill Rounds
Bill Ross
Bill Rooney
Bill Reed
Bill Raxmond Poore
Bill Pratt
Bill Poore
Bill Pollack
Bill Phifer
Bill Price
Bill Prince
Bill Rawlins
Bill Ratkovic
Bill Rameriz
Bill Purvis
Bill Stromberg
Bill Suplee
Bill Pettyjohn
Bill Pinkton
Bill OÔÇÖMeara
Bill Morrison
Bill Mclntosh
Bill Pinton
Bill Russell
Bill Sundt
Bill Stairs
Bill Staffer
Bill Schiavo
Bill Markis
Bill Lenrriet
Bill Hilton
Bill Hilbers
Bill Glasscock
Bill Etheridge
Bill Hunly
Bill Keiss
Bill LeBaron
Bill Le Baron
Bill Kosbab
Bill Knopp
Bill Tell
Bill Titus
Bill Karris
Bill Dixon
Bill Bcrtinot
Bill & Karen Simpson
Bill Litsheim
Bill Pettijohn
Bill Mercer
Bill Truax
Bill Meadoff
Bill Nemdede
Bill & Faun Shea
Bill & Johneil Hurst Family
Bill Kendrick
Sandra Baike
Bill Wesch
Bill Vineyard
Bill Kim
Bill Hunsiker
Bill & Jayne Greenwalt
Bill Smalley & Gayle Vrla-Smalley
Bill Brickell
Bill Eilchoff
Bill Eickoff
Bill Webb
Bill Welton
Bill Watson
Bill Walsh
Bill Wall
Bill Westberg
Bill Whelan
Bill Whiteacre
Bill White Acre
Bill White
Bill Wherry
Bill Waldron
Bill Wagner
Bill Teipe
Bill Tearle
Bill Taylor
Bill Syfers
Bill Thomas
Bill Tierse
Bill Voden
Bill Tutwiler
Bill Tucker
Bill Tolen
Bill Wier
Bill Willets
Charles Bill
Brenda Baille
Bill Zee
Bill Zalin
Jeannie Baike
Mike Ball
Bill Crowdrey
Bill Allsop
Bill Agnew
Mike Bell
Bill Zalen
Bill Zahn
Bill Wilson
Bill Willson
Bill Williamson
Bill Williams
Bill Witter
Bill Wrightson
Bill Young
Bill Yaude
Bill Yande <---- Possible typo?
Bill Yande
Bill Muldoon
Bill Ruddock
Bill Downey
Bill Douglas
Bill Dolaway
Bill de Santis
Bill Duckhorn
Bill E. Lewis
Bill Feeley
Bill Eikhoff
Bill Eickhoff
Bill E. Monroe
Bill Davis
Bill Daugherty
Bill Couch
Bill Morley
Bill Adams
Bill Allum
Bill Cox
Bill Crawford
Bill Czappa
Bill Crossley
Bill Crocker
Bill Crinklaw
Bill Fong
Bill Foster
Bill Hairston
Bill Hagerty
Bill Griffith
Bill Gregg
Bill Halverson
Bill Hamel
Bill Hanneline
Bill Haneline
Bill Hamline
Bill Hamilton
Bill Greenwalt
Bill Greenwall
Bill Funnell
Bill Funnel
Bill Friday
Bill Fravel
Bill G. Foster
Bill Garel
Bill Green
Bill Goode
Bill Good
Bill Gonnsen
Bill Andrews
Bill Anthony
Bill Briggs
Bill Brink
Bill Broderick
Bill Bromfeld
Bill Bragg
Bill Bradham
Bill Bosai
Bill Bowen
Bill Bowen Snr.
Bill Bowles
Bill Bromfield
Bill Brzycki
Bill Canty
Bill Carlson
Bill Chandler
Bill Chen
Bill Canti
Bill Church
Bill Buss
Bill Butler
Bill Cakmus
Bill Colford
Bill Bontragrer
Bill Condiotti
Bill Bachelor
Bill Cooper
Bill Badgett
Bill Consociotti
Bill B. Graham
Bill Avleth
Bill Arambula
Bill Armstrong
Bill Arnold
Bill Ashley
Bill Baeza
Bill Baggett
Bill Bertinot
Bill Bliss
Bill Blokzyl
Bill Bontrager
Bill Beats
Bill Batchelor
Bill Barber
Bill Barr
Bill Barrios
Bill Hardeman
Bill Gray
Bill La Rocca
Bill La Rock
Bill Memghi
Bill Kulics
Bill Menghi
Bill Lampard
Bill LaRock
Bill Leely
Bill Melvin
Bill Lee
Bill Lazarony
Bill Hariston
Bill Kosbots
Bill Meyers
Bill Milan
Bill Klein
Bill Monroe
Bill Methvin Jr.
Bill Methvin
Bill Knop
Bill Messenger
Bill Knight
Bill Klien
Bill McIntosh
Bill McDaniel
Bill Lohman
Bill Logg
Bill Loftus
Bill Ligget
Bill Lohmann
Bill Long
Bill Maghin
Bill Madden
Bill Lorenzen
Bill Lorentzen
Bill Liebhart
Bill Lewanda
Bill McCaffrey
Bill McCann
Bill McClellan
Bill McCullough
Bill Mc Intosh
Bill Maruschek
Bill Leong
Bill Lendriet
Bill Martin
Bill Lemus
Bill Moon
Bill Moore
Bill Hollum
Bill Hollowell
Bill Hogerty
Bill Hogarty
Bill Horwich
Bill Houson
Bill Howson
Bill Howey
Bill Howard
Bill Houston
Bill Hoffman
Bill Hoch
Bill Heichert
Bill Harwich
Bill Harte
Bill Harker
Bill Heickert
Bill Hembret
Bill Hicky
Bill Hickey
Bill Henley
Bill Hendriksen
Bill Huffman
Bill Huggins
Bill Keister
Bill Keis
Bill Keeler
Bill Kiester
Bill Kilpatrick
Bill Klar
Bill Kirkpatrick
Bill Kingery
Bill Majors
Bill Karnovsky
Bill Inman
Bill Hurst
Bill Hunsicker
Bill Johannesson
Bill Johanson
Bill Kagle
Bill Jordan
Bill Johonnesson
Bill Johnson
Bell H Bockus
Will Bashaw
Tiziano Bini
Tone Lill Bay
Tune Lill Bay
Celia, Sherwood & Tiare Ball
Bigi Meyer
Bigi Mayer
Gwen van der Bijl
Biii Pollack
Bil Wilson
Blake Wall
Billy Sturrock
Tiare Xavier-Ball
Bell Bockus
Bibi Langley
Biel Good
The Billy Sturrock Family
Bailee DiPaolo
Billy Dwain Sturrock
Billy Welch
Billy Bradley
Billy Bagget
Billy Ashurst
Billy- Bradley
Cathrine Bibie
Rene & Gwen van der Bijl
Benny van der Bijl
Wayne Ball
Robin Ball
Billie Wegman
Billy Chalmers
Billy Van Horn
Billy Vining
Brenda Baillie
Billy Tragesser
Billy Thomas
Billy Stasser
Billy Strasser
Billy Tello
Brigette Bailhe
Brigette Bailke
Celia Ball
Celia Xavier Ball
Celia Xavier-Ball
Catherine Biell
Brigitte Baillie
Brigitte Bailhe
Brigitte Bailke
Billy Sheehan
Billy Sensing
Billy Baggett
Billy Barrett
Billy Bensing
Billy Amparano
Billie Wegmann
Bail Rippl
Billie Hahn
Billie Pruitt
Billy Davis
Billy Entwistle
Billy McCall
Billy Mejia
Billy Mintz
Billy McCaffrey
Billy Loftus
Billy Evans
Billy Jones
Chris Bake
Christopher Bake
Michael S. Ball
Michelle Ball
Michelle Ball-Campbell
Michael Ball
Menno van der Bijl
Maike B-Stahl
Maike B. Stahl
Mariah Ball
Milla Bade
Patrick Baillie
Sandra Baily
Scott Ball
Sherwood Ball
Rolando Bini
Robert Balk
Ren Bake
Rene van der Bijl
Kathryn Baily
Judy Senick Bake
George Baillie
Gil Bailo
Gilbert A. Bailo
Georg Baillie
Gail Bailo
Christopher S. Bake
Eddia Ball
Harriet Baine
Jacques Baiele
John Bee Hill
Joseph Ball
Judy Bake
John Baillie
Joe Ball
James Ball
Jeannine Balke
Tiare Ball

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