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Tips: You might want to add the short form of a name (i.e. "Joe" for "Joseph") or the long form of a shortened name (i.e. "Albert" for "Al") to your search terms. As an example, if you want to search for "mike holdsworth," you should rather search for "mike holdsworth michael" to ensure that all entries are returned. Also, you might try a surname with the word ‘family’, as it is common to have a whole family reported as a single entry in case of donations.

Target = “Joanne Baker”
Names are roughly sorted by level of confidence
83 potential matches out of 98925
Joanne Baker
Joan Baker
Jesse Anne Baker
Janine Baker
Doug &Jane Baer
June Baker
Jean Baker
Jeannie Baer
Jeannie Bauer
Joanne Bucher
Jeanne Parker
John Baker
Jane Baer
John H. Baker
Jayn Baker
Jesse Baker
Jo Baker
John Bater
Jack R. Baker
Zonnie Juleen Bauer
Zonnie J. Bauer
Joanna Bach
Jan Barker
Jeanette Baker
Jack Baker
Jeannie Baike
Jabe Baer
Jeannie Parker
Jason Baker
Jamie E. Parker
Jeff Baker
Josie Becker
Jan Becker
Jamie Parker
Julie Bauer Dahlstrom
Peter Johann
June Parker
John Beyer
Judi Baker
John Bower
Jeann Power
Janine Baikie
Johanna Bach
Jamie Elizabeth Parker
Paul & Janet Becker
Jane Piper
Joe Becker
Joel Beaver
John Beckner
Johnny, Marilyn & Jecica Beck
Jay Johal Parker
Jason & Athena Parker
Barry M. Jaye
John Peter De Silva Jr.
Peter Johan Rudolf van Nunen
Parker Jay Johal
Jenny Buhler
John R. Beckner
Peter John Rademeyer
Janet Back
John Burger
Jesse Becker
Joel Parker
John A. Bouler
John Backus
Jenny Burr
Jay Bunker
Jack Becker
Jane Butcher
Jason Brawer
Jason Parker
Helen J. Barker
Johnny Beck
P. John Tucker
Peter Jan Pieper
Peter John Porrata
Peter St. John
Judy Senick Bake
Judy Bake
Josiane Bucher
Juan Barrera
Juan Marcos Barrera
Scott J. Baber

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