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Kristi Wachter's database: Name search

Tips: You might want to add the short form of a name (i.e. "Joe" for "Joseph") or the long form of a shortened name (i.e. "Albert" for "Al") to your search terms. As an example, if you want to search for "mike holdsworth," you should rather search for "mike holdsworth michael" to ensure that all entries are returned. Also, you might try a surname with the word ‘family’, as it is common to have a whole family reported as a single entry in case of donations.

Target = “Karen Seagal”
Names are roughly sorted by level of confidence
20 potential matches out of 98925
Karen Seagal
Randy & Karen Suggs
Keren Sogilowek-Gal
Karen Suggs
Keren Soglowek-Gal
Carmen Sibal
Kathy Segal-Garica
Kathy Segal-Garcia
Karen Scott
Cathy Segal-Garcia
Gerry Segal
Cathy Segal Garcia
Sally Garden
Karin Zech
Stella Kahn
Karin Szucs
Greg Safel
Greg Safil
Ken Sachs
Kurt Stahl

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