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Tips: You might want to add the short form of a name (i.e. "Joe" for "Joseph") or the long form of a shortened name (i.e. "Albert" for "Al") to your search terms. As an example, if you want to search for "mike holdsworth," you should rather search for "mike holdsworth michael" to ensure that all entries are returned. Also, you might try a surname with the word ‘family’, as it is common to have a whole family reported as a single entry in case of donations.

Target = “Peter H. Kinne”
Names are roughly sorted by level of confidence
111 potential matches out of 98925
Peter Kinne
Pete Kinne
Pete & Tina Kinne
Peter Kent
Peter S. Kent
Peter Crone
Per Ginge-Nielsen
Peter Cooke
Peter & Dawn Green Family
Per Ginge-Neilsen
Kim Peters
Peter Cole
Peter N. Glaser
Peter Van Kleef
Peter N. Croker
Peter M. Greene
Peter Kail
Peter Kjennas
Peter K. Lewis
Peter Cannone
Per Ginge-Nielson
Per & Hanne Ginge-Nielsen
K. Peter Buckles
Hana Peter Christiner
Connie Pener
Peter & Dawn Green
Peter Kadan
Dr. Peter Kadan
Pete Klein
Kim Porter
Ingrid Petek-Kagi
K. Pete Buckles
Ingrid Petek Kagi
Connie Penner
Patti King
Ingrid Petek-Kaegi
Pat Kennedy
Quinn Paden
Gale Ann Perry
Betsy M .Quinn
Patti Jane Collens
Betsy M. Quinn
Betsy Quinn
Pat Quinn
Kenneth & Betsy Roush
Kathy Porter
Kathy Petrey
Dian C Boyer
Kirn Pomeroy
Rene & Gwen van der Bijl
Parri King
Kali Perey
Piet Hein Smidt van Gelder
Camilla Nan Potts
Gwen van der Bijl
Betty K. Gluchacki
Kyra Becker
Piet Hein Krom
Howard & Karen Becker
Piet K. Francke
Ken Boor
Ken Bolar
Pilar Cones
William K. Boeger
Bette K. Nelson
Ken & Jo Burr
Piet Smidt van Gelder
Pedro Gil Y.
Karen Brewer
Karen Becker
Kali Perry
Kaaren Perry
Karen Pedre
Karen Perry
Kathy de Fan Bitar
Kathy Bitar
Kate Brower
Glenn Butler
Glen Butler
Cate Brewer
Betty Cozine
Barey Wayne Critzer
Catie Brier
Charles K. Butler
Ginosa Piera
Gino Botti
Gale Perry
Katie Buttery
Kelly Baker
Patty Conry
Patick Quinn
Pat von FintelLEVEL C
Pat Gore
Patty Crowe
Pedro Gil
Perry Cannon
Peit Hein Krom
Alan K.Baker
Lucio Pinero? [question mark is in the magazine]
Kenneth Burr
Kenneth Boor
Ken Burr
Kenneth P. Boor
Kevin Brewer
Kim Pomeroy
Kim Blair
Kevin Perry
Piera Ginosa

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