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Tips: You might want to add the short form of a name (i.e. "Joe" for "Joseph") or the long form of a shortened name (i.e. "Albert" for "Al") to your search terms. As an example, if you want to search for "mike holdsworth," you should rather search for "mike holdsworth michael" to ensure that all entries are returned. Also, you might try a surname with the word ‘family’, as it is common to have a whole family reported as a single entry in case of donations.

Target = “sugerman”
Names are roughly sorted by level of confidence
76 potential matches out of 98925
Wayne Sugman
Rina Zukerman
Sigmer Pietsch (German
Ron Singerman
Ronald Singerman
Iris Zukerman
Marshall Swerman
Erez Zukerman
Stacy German
Sunja Ackerman
Rebecca Sjouwerman
Wayne Sygman
Steven Ackerman
Wayne E. Sygman
Sofie Gorman
Sonja Ackerman
Sonya Kierman
Sophie Gorman
Sofia Gorman
Sjoerd Sjowerman
Carol Toch Spearman
Wayne A. Sygman
Sjoerd Sjouwerman
Wayne Evan Sygman
Michael Spearman
Dorothy Zerman
Sunia Ackerman
Deborah Shaul-Sygman
Gary Zerman
Carol, Mike & Sean Spearman
Deborah Sygman
Lupek Sarman
Carol Spearman
Mike, Carol & Sean Spearman
Scott Ackerman
Mike, Carol, & Sean Spearman
Stu Sjouverman
Michael S. Spearman
Veronica Zerman
Mike S. Spearman
Stu Sjouwerman
Stu Sjowerman
Stu Sjouwerman & Rebecca Weiss
Stu Stouwerman
Kimberly Sigman
Mike Spearman
Werner Zimmerman
Leonore Zimmerman
Catherine Zimmerman
Tanja Zimmerman
Steve Bacherman
Jennifer Zimmerman
Wayne Zimmerman
Sigrun Quetes
Germania Sanchez
Heinz W. Zepperman
John Zimmerman
Lenore Zimmerman
George Zimmerman
Eric Zimmerman
Angelika Zimmerman
David Stroman
Dick Zimmerman
Elsa Zimmerman
Leslie Ann Sturmon
Leslie Sturmon
Robert Zimmerman
Sheila Zimmerman
Shelia Zimmerman
Abe Zimmerman
Rob Zimmerman
Patty Zimmerman
Melissa Zimmerman
Patricia Zimmerman
Patti Zimmerman
Stephane Kermani

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