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Scientology-related entities: individuals and details about their duties

Alphabetically ordered on last name.


NameYearDutyHrs/wkAmountEntityPossible links to Scientology
Dania Quevedo2003Treasurer40$18,725Applied Scholastics Western United States
Edyth Quillin2007Director, secretary1$0Social Betterment Properties International
Chief financial officer?"
Denise Quint2006Incorporator?Church of Scientology Mission of the Gulf Coast, Inc.
Michael F. Quint2006Incorporator?Church of Scientology Mission of the Gulf Coast, Inc.
Adolfo Quintero2008Manager?Mayan Enterprise, L.L.C.
Vice president of administration?AGR Group, LLC
2007Agent for service of process?Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, LLC
Manager?Mayan Enterprise, L.L.C.
2005Manager?Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, LLC
2004Manager?BFD Group, LLC
Manager?Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, LLC
Jeffrey George Quiros1991Agent for service of process?Church of Scientology of San Francisco
Jessica Qureshi2009Director of technical services?Mojave Academy, Inc.
Rubina Qureshi2007Director1$0Youth for Human Rights International



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