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Scientology-related entities: individuals and details about their duties

Alphabetically ordered on last name.


NameYearDutyHrs/wkAmountEntityPossible links to Scientology
Rodrigo Ubillus2008Senior director of expansion?Narconon Northern California
2007Senior director of expansion40$101,592"
Jens Uhrskov1993Director?Church of Scientology International (CSI)
International Management Executive Committee (IMEC)?"
Dana Ulan1993Secretary?Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Freddy Ulan1993Director, trustee?Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Stephen Upham2008General manager?AGR Group, LLC
Anthony P. Urbanek2009Director?Silent Surgery Education and Advisement, Inc.
Gerald Y. Ushijima (CPA)2007Paid tax return preparer?Narconon - Hawaii*
2006Tax return preparer?"
2005Tax return preparer?"
2004Tax return preparer?"
2003Tax return preparer?"



Links marked with "[a]" are generated automatically using Kristi Wachter's "Scientology Service Completions Database," they have not been researched manually, therefore it is possible that irrelevant links are provided, although unlikely. Over time, all names will be researched manually.