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Scientology-related entities: individuals and details about their duties

Alphabetically ordered on last name.


NameYearDutyHrs/wkAmountEntityPossible links to Scientology
Hsueh Ya Lin2006WISE contact?Chun Ya Co., Ltd.
Marc Yager1993Trustee?Church of Scientology International (CSI)
Trustee?Inspector General Network
1991Trustee$0Church of Scientology International (CSI)
Nancy Yarian1992Chief financial officer?Church of Scientology, Mission of Atlanta, Inc.
Joseph Yazbeck2008Director?Church of Scientology Mission of Hillsborough County, Inc.
Lea Ybarra1998Book editing and production$63,370Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education
Steven Yeich2006Trustee1$0Academy for Learning
2004President, trustee1$0"
2003President, trustee1$0"
2002President, trustee2$0"
2001President, trustee2$0"
2000President, trustee2$0"
1999President, trustee2$0"
Tracy Yeich2006Trustee1$0Academy for Learning
2004Executive director, trustee50$13,325"
2003Executive director, trustee50$18,545"
Tax return preparer?"
2002Executive director, secretary, treasurer, trustee51$13,000"
Tax return preparer?"
2001Executive director, secretary, treasurer, trustee51$16,900"
Tax return preparer?"
2000Executive director, secretary, treasurer, trustee51$16,615"
Tax return preparer?"
1999Executive director, secretary, treasurer, trustee51$16,600"
Tax return preparer?"
Moussa Yeroushalmi2000President?, Inc.
Carol Yingling2008Secretary?Church of Scientology of Connecticut, Inc.
Mark Yingling2006Vice president1$0Standard Education, Inc.
2005Vice president1$0"
2004Vice president1$0"
2003Vice president$0"
2002Vice president$558"
2001Vice president$0"
1999Vice president$0"
Dan M. York2004Agent for service of process?Church of Scientology Mission of Northwest Chicago
Jeff Youmans2009Agent for service of process?Church of Scientology Mission of Auburn
Belinda Young2007Vice president40$35,201Delphi Academy of Florida, Inc.
2006Vice president40$33,422"
2005Vice president40$30,424"
2004Vice president40$30,447"
2003Vice president40$36,132"
2002Vice president40$30,612"
Katrina Young1990Director, treasurer$1,517Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. (FSO)
1989Director, treasurer$2,089"
George Yu2007NYRWDP advisory board?International Academy of Detoxification Specialists
2006NYRWDP advisory board?"
2005NYRWDP advisory board?"



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