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Dan Przybylski

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Dan Przybylski

“Casavius [Wilhere] is a completely different story. When his parents blew the base, [David Miscavige] was determined to keep Casavius from them. There is only one real way to make someone disappear well enough that even his parents cannot locate him. The Church is real good at this too. Years of experience have perfected the method. Hasn't anyone ever noticed how some people just never are heard from again? They changed Casavius's name to David Prybilski and he was adopted by Dan Prybilski who worked at the Ranch. After his name was changed to David, and he had a new passport and identification, they sent him to Denmark and he works in the CLO there as a construction/maintenance guy. I bet you that is why his parents never found him. Even his wife's name was changed! ... Dan Prybilski was made the Berthing building I/C at Gold and later blew as well and is now in PAC somewhere.” (Ref. Marc Headley)

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