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Scientology fronts: "Division 6C"


Scientology's Division 6C, to which Narconon International, Criminon International, Applied Scholastics International, The Way To Happiness Foundation, Citizens Commission On Human Rights and many more belong, which are supposedly secular organizations, and whose links to Scientology have been denied by their spokespersons, is to recruit people into Scientology, and to create an 'environment' friendly to Scientology.


Church of Scientology International ("CSI") states that Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics (study technology) and The Way To Happiness all fit under "Division 6C." This can be seen in the following fair use excerpts of International Scientology News magazine, issue 27 (2004), p. 20-21:

In the magazine, Division 6C is described as follow:

The final division is Fields (6C) where every type of activity is formed and continued to create a new civilization.

As can been seen in p. 21 of the magazine, The Way to Happiness, Applied Scholastics (which licenses "study technology" materials), Narconon, and Criminon are all part of Scientology's Division 6C. The real purpose of these Scientology-related organizations is clear when one read the definition of Division 6C CSI provided to the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") in 1992:

Div 6 - This is short for Division 6 which is one of the 7 divisions of a Scientology organizing board. This Division is responsible for attracting new Scientologists. Due to the scope of this activity, it is now divided into three divisions. Division 6A, called Public Contacting Division, is concerned with broad public promotion.  Division 6B, Public Servicing Division, provides introductory services to prospective members to give them an understanding of Scientology. Division 6C, Field Control Division, encourages Scientologists to be active in attracting new members. [pdf]

Plainly, from CSI's own words, Scientology's secular fronts are used to recruit new members.

There is another occurrence of Scientology's definition for Division 6C found in a document submitted to the IRS by CSI. In a document titled The Command Channels of Scientology, submitted to the IRS in 1993 as part of CSI's application for religious organization (see it there), which document was also leaked to Wikileaks (much better version), the following definition of Division 6C can be read:

"The Command Channels of Scientology" (PDF, 13.6 MiB )

The Class IV Organization and its Valuable Final Products


Field Control Division 6C
Field Control Secretary

The valuable final product of the Field Control Division is a thriving and controlled field of active Scientologists.

The expression "controlled field" is key here. Essentially, aside recruiting, the other function of Scientology's "Division 6" is to "safe point" Scientology, meaning to create a perception that Scientology is beneficial to the community, again, as per Scientology's so-called "Scriptures":

A brief description of Division 6 functions is as follows: [...]

The essential functions are listed and described as follows:

I. Public Relations Area Control: Consists of these duties:
  A. Classifying, researching and listing the various publics that exist.
  B. Locating who the Opinion Leaders are.
  C. Surveying the various publics and Opinion Leaders for what they want, what is popular, public relations and preferences.
  D. Formulating from surveys what to campaign and push and tailoring PR messages that hit the right buttons (per surveys) for the right publics.
  E. Contact and getting Opinion Leaders on our side giving us favorable mention and assistance.
  F. Image and Appearances of the org, policing same and keeping them acceptable to the public.
  G. Community PR, liaison and participation to increase favorable image.
  H. Campaigns and PR programmes using surveys, contacts. events, mass media to get across our PR message.
  I. News-stories, press, TV and Radio to increase Scientology impingement on the public.

These duties if performed will create favorable opinion and response from publics and get them into the Org. [...]

7. Public Registration: The sign-up and enrollment of all new business into the org. The public are signed up, followed up, enrolled and re-signed up until they have received the needed introduction through Public Services and have enrolled for their first Major Service at which point they become the responsibility of Dept 6 registration. [...]

[Ref.: L. Ron Hubbard in HCO Policy Letter OF 14 November 1971 Issue II, OEC Volume 6, page 83]

So next time your elected representative, or a public servant appears to promote Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, or The Way to Happiness, whether those "opinion leaders" do it knowingly or not, it means the Church of Scientology successfully used "opinion leaders" to facilitate the spread of Scientology doctrines in society, and hence, contribute to bring new recruits into Scientology.