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Scientology fronts: "Basic Study Manual" vs "Student Hat Course"

Applied Scholastics International ("ASI"), and its parent organization, Association for Better Living and Education International ("ABLE"), claim that Study technology has nothing to do with Scientology. ABLE submitted ASI's Basic Study Manual in 1993 to the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") as part of its tax exemption application, so as per IRS rules of disclosure, it is open for public scrutiny.

When one look at the content of Basic Study Manual, one finds similar materials found in Scientology's Student Hat Course, often word for word. So, not only ASI fails to disclose properly that Study Technology is Scientology, but in denying the link, ASI engages in deliberate deception.

Student Hat Course is offered by the Church of Scientology International ("CSI") as a Scientology course, and the fact that this course qualify for contributions deduction (as per CSI's secret agreement with the IRS) underlines the religious nature of Study technology:

Excerpt from Church of Scientology: Updated information on taxes and your donations 2002-2003. Copyright 2002 Church of Scientology International

Below is an overview outlining the similarities between Scientology's Student Hat Course and ASI's Basic Study Manual.

The text was taken from ASI's Basic Study Manual, and highlighted in blue is material which is found in Scientology scriptures, mostly from Scientology's Student Hat Course, but also from various other sources, such as Scientology's False Data Stripping bulletin. Very often, there is a word for word match. In some instances, concepts have been reworded, such as Scientology's Training: Duplication, which became ASI's The Learning Drill (Chapter eight: Learning how to learn,) not unlike Intelligent design is Creationism under new clothes. Basic Study Manual vs. Scientology scriptures

For an in-depth analysis of ASI's links to Scientology, see "Scientology v. Education - The Scam of 'Study Technology'".