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Nagykanizsa to become citadel of Scientology?

Nagykanizsa is a city in the SW of Hungary and in 1990 had a population of 54,059. The city is sometimes called Kanizsa.


2004. október 26. 11:05

Magyar Nemzet

The opposition in Nagykanizsa has warned of the spreading companies attached to the Church of Scientology. This time the controversy arose because of a residential park in the Transdanubian town where there had been several scandals connected with the scientologists who are registered as a church but they are known worldwide as an economic company resembling to the operation of a sect.

There is a residential park comprising five hundred flats to be built on the site of the former brickyard of Nagykanizsa. The contractor is Balusztrád Ltd registered on the membership list of WISE, the international organization of scientologist companies. The residential park will need five years and HUF five billion to be built.

László Győri, owner of Balusztrád Ltd said to Magyar Nemzet they did not belong to the Church of Scientology and he did not understand their presence on the list. He said this was perhaps because they used the technique of company management worked out by L. Ron Hubbard, who was also the founder of the church but there were about 170 000 firms worldwide which adopted this management philosophy.

There are several other companies attached to Nagykanizsa connected with scientology. The image-maker of the town has been since 1998 Matrix Marketing Műhely Ltd, also on the WISE list while the local railway headquarters (MÁV) prescribed the test and course of the scientologists for its workers which created a nationwide scandal. In local schools a scientologist language school had been advertised until the mayor (then the Socialist István Tüttő) banned it at last.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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