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Performia and Scientology

Critical information on Performia. Performia CIS is a partnership between U-Man's Marten Runow (also written as Mårten) and Vladimir Sidorenko. Marten Runow is the CEO of Performia International, Sweden.

Every Hubbard management consultant has to be licensed by World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. WISE is an integral part of Scientology and WISE licensed consultants get money for every new Scientology recruit they are urged to make. To maximize the number of recruits, WISE distributes a 300 page manual with the lofty and telling title of "Consultant's Guide to Bridge Dissemination". Bridge = Scientology speak for "Scientology path".

Both Runow and Sidorenko are dedicated scientologists. Vladimir and Yulia Sidorenko are Patron, a title reserved for those scientologists who donate at least $40,000 US into the "War Chest" of the International Association of Scientologists (Impact 105). Mårten Runow is a Patron with Honors because he put at least $100,000 US into the "War Chest" of the IAS (Impact 105). Vladimir Sidorenko openend the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) in Moscow. The HCA's are a part of WISE and thus by extension a part of Scientology. Vladimir is currently the license holder for HCA Moscow. Below he goes on record on how HCA Moscow "started a dozen people on Scientology services."

Performia markets the Performia Personnel Evaluation System. The website has registrant name Marten Runow and registrant organization:U-MAN Int AB. has as administrative contact Marten Runow with email:

The following tidbits are taken from World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) Int magazine Prosperity 62, March 2004, pages 11, 12 & 13.

Mr. Sidorenko is quoted on page 11 as having said: "Today," he added, "I am the sole owner and Chairman of the Board or Directors of a group of four companies. I am also going to be starting JOBPERFORMER CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), a network of hiring agencies, and U-MAN CIS, a consulting company."

Both and have as registering organisation listed: Marten Runow - Email:

On page 12, it says as a picture caption: "Through their company PERFORMIA, Vladimir and his partner have delivered seminars on LRH principles such as the Tone Scale and ARC to hundreds of executives with more than 20,000 employees under them."

To the left of this picture is Vladimir talking "Most attendees want to know more about LRH admin tech after the seminars and enroll on course at HCA [Hubbard College of Administration] Moscow, often moving from there to a Church of Scientology and moving up The Bridge."

The Tone Scale, ARC priciple and The Bridge, are all Scientology concepts of which I shall provide you with the official definitions as taken from Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary by L. Ron Hubbard, first printing 1975. I'll be using bold as is used in their dictionary. Don't get upset if you can't make head or tale of it, it was intended that way to obfuscate communication between Scientology cult members and non-members. A tool many cults use.

Tone Scale

TONE SCALE, 1. we have a gradient scale from space to matter which starts at the arbitrary number of 40.0 for our purposes and goes down to 0.0 for the purposes of ~Homo sapiens~~ and to -8.0 for the purposes of estimating a thetan. This gradient scale is called the tone scale. (~Scn 8-8008~~, p. 20) 2. the main gradient scale of Scn [Scientology]. One of the most important observations which led to the formulation of this scale was the change in emotional manifestation exhibited by a person who was being processed. The progress from painful emotions to pleasant emotions was so reliable and evident on indication of success, that it became the main measuring stick of the progress of a case. (~Abil 114A~~) 3. essentially an assignation of numerical value by which individuals can be numerically classified. It is not arbitrary but will be found to approximate some actual governing law in nature. (~DTOT~~, p. 59) 4. under affinity we have the various emotional tones ranged from the highest to the lowest and these are, in part, serenity (the highest level), enthusiasm (as we proceeded downward towards the baser affinities), conservatism, boredom, antagonism, anger, covert hostility, fear, grief, apathy. This in Scn [Scientology] is called the tone scale. (~FOT~~, p. 40) 5. a scale which plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality and consciousness through half-vitality and half-unconsciousness down to death. (~SA~~, p. 37) 6. the range of emotion. The tone scale goes in harmonics of movement, and that is all. (5203CM04B)


ARC, 1. a word from the initial letters of Affinity, Reality, Communication which together equate to Understanding. It is pronounced by stating its letters, A-R-C. To Scientologists it has come to mean good feeling, love or friendliness, such as "He was in ARC with his friend." One does not, however, fall out of ARC, he has an ARC break. (LRH Def. Notes) 2. ARC= Understanding and Time. A=Space and the willingness to occupy the same space of. R=Mass or agreement. C=Energy or Recognition. (HCOB 27 Sept 68 II) 3. affinity is a type of energy and can be produced at will. Reality is agreement; too much agreement under duress brings about the banishment of one's entire consciousness. Communication, however, is far more important than affinity or reality, for it is the operation, the action by which one experiences emotion and by which one agrees. (PAB 1) 4. the triagonal manifestation of theta each aspect affecting the other two. (~SOS~~ Gloss)

The Bridge

BRIDGE, THE, 1. the route to Clear, the bridge, which we call the ~Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart~~. (~Aud 107 ASHO~~) 2. a term originating in early Dn days to symbolize travel from unknowingness to revelation. (~Aud 72 ASHO~~)

On with the article in Prosperity, this is from page 13 at the top. Vladimir Sidorenko: "There's also the story of the man who became a Corporate member of WISE and did his Purification Rundown after attending a PERFORMIA seminar."

From the middle of the page: "In just a little more than a year and a half, we have delivered more than half a million dollars worth of LRH technology to our clients, started 21 people on course at HCA Moscow and started a dozen people on Scientology services."

At the bottom: "I call myself an FSM with pride. A real FSM -- the one who brings new public in. This is what L. Ron Hubbared wanted from FSMs."

Again Vladimir Sidorenko is using Scientology language.

Purification Rundown -- the folling is taken from the offical Scientology "scripture" on the sole purpose of the purification rundown:

The Purification Rundown has as its sole purpose the handling of the restimulative effects of drugs and toxic residuals on a Spiritual Being. The Purification Rundown is a Spiritual activity based on and administered according to the doctrine and practices of the religion of Scientology as set forth in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and adopted by the Church. No part of the Rundown is intended as the diagnosis, prescription for, or treatment of any bodily or physical condition or ill.

FSM or Field Staff Member. They get a percentage of all the money a person sent by them will pay for Scientology courses and Scientology therapy. Thereby making FSMs de facto an extension of Scientology. That is what Mr. Vladimir Sidorenko is doing; creating extra income by luring people into Scientology. It remains to be seen whether the businessman who did the Purification Rundown, was told the true purpose as outlined above, and that Vladimir made money of that too.

The following quote is taken from Scientology's Modern Management Technology Defined -- Hubbard Dictionary of Administration and Management. One of the books that is sold to WISE members with a list prise of $125.00

FSMs get people into Scn [Scientology] by disseminating to bring about an understanding of what Scn can do thus creating a desire for service, and selecting the person for that service. (BPL 15 Jun 73R I) Abbr. FSM.

FIELD STAFF MEMBER COMMISSION, 1. the official Scn organization to which the Field Staff Member is attached will pay the Field Staff Member a percentage of all training and processing fees received by that organization through its Field Staff Members.

U-man and Scientology

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