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Prosperity 53, circa February 2002

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From: "Cerridwen" <>
Subject: Prosperity Magazine Issue 53  [circa Feb 2002]
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Date: Sat,  9 Mar 2002 23:20:03 +0100 (CET)
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Prosperity Magazine Issue 53 (circa Feb. 2002)
The Source Line for Business [WISE Magazine]
Feature Article
The New Hubbard College of Administration [HCA] 
Special Grand Opening
[note:  I'm not going to retype the entire article, but will give you
some highlights.]
Mrs. Peggy Hilgers, President of the Hubbard College of
Administration and host for the Grand Opening.
Mr. Richard G. Polanco, Senate Majority Leader of the California
State Senate.
Master Buddhist Kai Chien from Taiwan.
Mr. Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink. 
Senator (Ret.) David Roberti is presented a set of the Management
Series Volumes by Mr. Fred Harris and Rev. Heber Jentzsch. 
[Note: no other mention of Heber and he's listed as Rev. not President]
Mayor Gusztav Radoczi of Gyomro, Hungary.
Mr. Craig Jensen, CEO of Executive Software
Mr. Don Drader, President WISE International presents a set of
Management Series to Ms. Laurie Milam of KCAL-9 Television.
Mr. Larry Gershman, six-time winner of the prestigious "Promotion
of the Year" Award and former Executive Director of Ogilvy and
Mather Worldwide.
Highlights from Article:
"Mr. Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink the largest independent
Internet Service provider in  the United State- was the first speaker. 
'By diligently applying Mr. Hubbards administrative technology;
from setting my original life goals to constructing the plans and
organizations to achieve them, I have been able to make my dreams
a reality.  The Hubbard College will graduate and endless stream of
managers and administrator who know the laws of organizations
and how to win the game with intelligence and integrity.  This has
the potential not only to change the face of business and
government , but also of society'"
"Mr. Craig Jensen of Executive Software International said,  'The
administrative technology alone created such an impact in our
industry that over 1,000 people have come to tour Executive
Software just to see it in action... I know this technology work-- I'm
living proof of it.  All people have to do is learn it and apply it.' "
"Mr. Richard G. Polanco, Senate Majority Leader of the California
State Senate said: ... ' I am here this evening because I know that
the teaching principals and curriculum offered by the Hubbard
College are training today's and tomorrow's leaders with an
unprecedented record of success.  ...I am profoundly moved by the
works of L. Ron Hubbard and I am taking this knowledge back with
me to the Senate to put it to work for California.' "
"And to further honor and acknowledge the opening, proclamations
from US congressman Xavier Beccerra and California State
Assemblyman Dario Frommer were also delivered.
"Ms. Peggy Hilgers then invited Ms. Priscilla Presley, representing
the 23 Founding Advisory Committee members, Mr. Robert
Johnson, Executive Director of the California Association of
Private Postsecondary Schools, State Senator Mr. Richard G.
Polanco, Mayor Gusztav Radoczi and Mr. Gerald Peissl, Executive
Director of HCA International to the stage for the ribbon cutting.  "
The Hubbard College of Administration International is the first
institute the history of higher education of offer
government-approved degree's in LRH's management technology.
And then there is the Hubbard College of Administrations lifetime
warranty.  All students, not achieving the expected results, can
return at no charge for review of materials previously studied--this
is, of course, completely unheard off (sic) in "modern" education
and sets a new standard for collegiate responsibility.
"Almost 16 million people live in the greater New York area.  It is
one of the centers of the financial world.  It is also one of the
world's top tourist locations.  Thus the repercussions of Sept 11
have taken a widespread toll.
"The drop in tourism has reportedly resulted in 200,000 people
being laid off from restaurants, theaters, hotels an other service
related industries.  Insurance agencies are also affected and a
number have withdrawn from the area completely.  Immediate
solutions were needed.
[Here is comes!]
"The response from WISE was swift with the establishment of a
new Hubbard College of Administration New York!
"Getting delivery occurring immediately was the first step.  An
economic disaster recovery seminar entitled: ' New York: Back in
Business' was held, echoing the calls of the Mayor of New York
and US President for New Yorkers to return to their jobs and
become active.
"President of the PROSPERITY CORP., Harvey Schmeideke, 
[note: the article spells it Schmeideke and Schmiedeke]
arrived from Los Angeles, while WISE Regional I/C Karen Berg
flew in from Washington DC.  They immediately began
preparations for the seminar which included an in-depth study of
the local scene.
[LOL!  I'm sorry, this is just so much PR bullshit.  Trying to come
off as if these WISE members flew in to NYC to enlighten and
handle the economic impact of the 911 tragedy.]
" A location for the Hubbard College New York was secured on
WEST 24th Street in Chelsea by WISE member Lee Hopp-- and
from there it didn't take long for the word to get out.  Upon arriving
at the new premises for the Hubbard College a neighbor noted:  'Oh,
you're here to help the local businesses.  We really need it.' "
[Note:  A picture shows the new NY Hubbard College is located at
27 West 24th Street and from the WISE 2001 Directory :  Playback
Systems Inc.",Lee M. Hopp, 27 W. 24th St., New York, NY.]
"Surveys of local businesses showed that many had no reserves,
were operating off a low-profit percentage and had nothing to
buffer them against the economic upheaval.  And many of the
surveyed were unsure if they would make it through the next 2 to 3
"The new HC location became a hive of activity.  Volunteers were
put immediately to work, whether it was in promotion,
establishment, surveys- there was a job for everyone who came to
"Thousands of fliers were distributed promoting the local event;
call in carried on through the day and into the night..[I'm sure that
was really appreciated.  Nothing like getting a call from a reg at 2
in the morning].  Local opinion leaders were contacted and invited.
"Not one to be left out of the action, veteran disseminator Lynn
Irons arrived from Clearwater, with consultant Jeff Lee.
"Within a week the premises had been located, the public surveyed
and the seminar scheduled and delivered.  Jay Spina, Harvey
Schmiedeke and Lynn Irons did the delivery for this first seminar
which was at the landmark Marriott Marquis on Broadway. 
Feedback was excellent with public signed up for courses and many
prospective students found.
[Need I say more]
"With this first event as a springboard, further events were
planned-- all directed to getting New York back into business.
"Every WISE member can participate in putting a stable point for
economic and organizational solutions into New York.  We have an
entire building to put there, key positions to fill, promotional
campaigns to be researched, developed and executed, opinion
leaders to be contacted and  solutions provided-- and more, much
"As Lynn Irons put it: ' Now is the time for us to move in and we
just need some guys to step forward, inconvenient as it may be,
make it go right and reach out.  There are no real barriers to
dissemination, as I have found out by working all over the world. 
there is only our considerations, our own limits on our reach. 
Engaging in these fourth dymamic activities is a life-changing
experience, guaranteed to extrovert you and put you in comm with
your fourth dynamic an get your contributing."
Anotoliy Aggev
Evgeniy Pasha
Maria Ambrusne Vesztergombi
Avi Atia
Cyrille Augiron
Evgemou Balashov
Alessandro Barbisotti
Ron Barnard
Per Bazell
Duncan Beekink
Amanda Bell
Zulifya Bertemirova
Irina Bezsmertinay
Michael Billing
Kenneth Black
Szabolcs Borbely
Attila Boroczky
Sergey Borodin
Marina Bushueva
Valentino Carturo
Richard Cave
Maksim Chernyishov
Jen-t Chiou
Mark Chiungos
Yi-Ying Chuang
Tony Chung
George Clark
Arie Cohen
Ivan couture
Tibor Czermann
Eduard Dunaev
Robert Eels
Noam Egosi
Balazs Farkas
Hebert Feingold
Evgeniy Fisher
Breana Fisher
James Fraser
Alexander Frolikov 
Vladimir Gachenko
Raisa Galiullina
Peter Gartner
Joseph Gilbert 
Sylvia Guerrero
Carl Hager
Edward Harmer
Marco Hernandez
Teng-Lin Hong
Li-li Hsieh
Nu-Ting Hung
Frank David Jelley
Michael Josephson 
David Junca
Sachito Kato
Sonya Kiernan
Hans Kok
Tiborne Konya 
Dimitrios Kostopoulos
Nadejda Kozina
Sergey Krotov
Rammond Ktaz
Nir Lavah
Oliver Lee
Viktor Ljpvamslu
Christi Losh
Andre Lotz
Anthony Lowe
Joseph Lustman
Vladimir Luylayev
Debra MacIntyre
Alexander Maclead
Vladislav Makarov
Elaine Manley
Massimo Mannita
Dmitry Matveev
Elisabeth Metcalf
James B. Miller
Joseph Modica
Maria Molnar
Aleksandr Morin
Jura Nanuk
Joel Nathanson
Narine Navindra
Alexey Nevstruev
Bob Newsom
Timofeev Nokolay
Alexander Novikov
Roger Nunn
Jeff & Giselle O'Carroll
Istvan Orban
Sergei Pak
Willhelm Papjewski
Said Selim Pataev
Jane Paterson
Ben Peek
Vladi Petek
Michele Pezzano
Lisa Pezzella
Stanislav Pokhlebaev
Jeanne Powers
Anja Preuss
Alexandr Priyatelchuck
Galiullina Raish
Pavel Replyanskiy
Sergey Repov
Tibor Ritz
Haniel (sic) Rosemond
Vadim Savitsky
Craig Scarpelli
Vladimir Schedrin
Scott Schell
Scott Scheu
Sergey Sergeev
Timur Sharipozhanov
Nataliya Shishlyannikova
Gene Sironen
Zoltan Somogyi
Alexey Souslin
Tolanta Spiridonova
Dan Steward
Maria Stoffel
Andrea Szollosy
Marta Szonnay Wagnerne
Rose Taylor
Roger Teal 
William Tinker
Gail Tobey
Laszlo Toth
Rex Towner
Sergey Trukhin
Valdimir Turov
Istvan Uzvari
Emely Vam Jeescj
Sergey Varava
Vladislav Vickun
Rybina Lidiya Vitalyevna
Kerstin Voight
Cherie Welling
David Wolfe
Robert Youngs
Theodore Zafiris
Monika Jozsefne Zih
[NOTE:  Not many changes from Issue 52 in Oct of 2001]
*  means added to the list 
Eleventh Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner
Craig Jensen,   Executive Software International
Tenth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner
Luis Colon,   MGE, Inc.
Ninth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Heimo & Uta Bucerius,   Idee & Geld
David Singer,   David Singer Enterprises
Roger Van Loocke,   U Man Belgium
Eighth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner
Robert Lotter, R.A. Lotter Insurance
Juan Villareal,   Harlingen Family Dentistry
Seventh Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Pam Chipman,   Clearwater Academy
Clearwater Charter Committee
Bennetta Slaughter,   AMC Publishing
Dan Margolin, Clearly Platinum  * Not in last issue [52]
Dr. Jack Sushko, DDS  * No in last issue[52]
Sixth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Bruce Atkinson,   DDS
Peter Buckles,   Clearly Platinum  [ no longer on the list]
Kim Bright Cassano,   Kim Bright Cassano Inc.
Rob Collewijn,   Health Motion Physical Therapy, Inc.
Tom Niemi,   New Era Dental
Janet Nodine,   Family Maternity Clinic
Bruno & Helen Tschuppert,    TCM Tschuppert
Fifth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Alain Bohren,   Formatique
John Brasel,   Exec Tech Consulting
Mike Chan,   Durable Slate
Chet Eccles,   American Alliance
Juri Murk,   Dajoeri
New York Charter Committee
Carl Smudde,   DDS
Marc Silber,   Pacific Management Consultants
Jim Speiser,   Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Fourth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Marlin Anderson,   Anderson/Anderson CPAs
Ron Chacon,   Task Management
Flag OT Committee
Larry Gluck & Ted Prescott,   Mission: Renaissance
Sherry Harris,   Ultimate Creations
Hubbard College of Administration Clearwater
Tom Schuster,   Sovereign Finance
John Stout, Stout Development   
Third Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Alan Baker,   Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters
Business Expansion Club International
Los Angeles Charter Committee
Cindy Clayton,   Clayton Chiropractic
Brian Coyle Advanced Medical Center
Rainer Fischer,   Fischer Immobilien
Lorraine Hart,   Ideal Consulting
Hubbard College of Administration Pecs
Dan Kingsbury,   Networking Dynamics
Gabor Lenkei & Eva Peto,   Comline
Sergey Tsarkov,   Novatel
Chuck Wolhberg,   Aqua 2000 Burbank
Second Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Artem Babakhanov,   S-Argoservice
Business Expansion Club Orange County
Business Success Bratislava
Karen & Eric Berg,  The Health Wellness Center  
Gary Billingsley,  Billingsley Chiropractic Center 
Robert Broeks,   Job Fit
Walt Carleton,   Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc.
Keith Collins,    Havasu Family Dental
Lonnie & Naomi Davis,  Troy Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic 
Tim Fitzgerald,    Lidoran Roofing
Abe Gershonowicz, DDS 
Michelle Gottlieb,   Alpine Industries
Hubbard College of Administration East Grinstead
Zoltan Horvath,   Escorial Consulting KFT
David Howson,   The Howson Group
Nandor Juhos,   Masco KFT
Gabor Matolay,   Admiral Consulting
Ned McCrink,   Natural Desires
Lindy McNocher,   Exec Software UK
Chris Music, Clergy Benefit Group  
Graham Payne,   Summit Business Mgmt
John Roussel,   John Roussel Insurance
Paolo Ruggeri,   W. I. Mind Consulting SRL
Larry Silver,   Hollander Consultants
Peter Szabo,   Berrill KFT  
Joe Ursini,   Excellent Electric
Kevin Burke & Bruce Wiseman,   Wiseman & Burke
First  year Model of Admin Know-How Winners
Mikhail Aglagnov,  Fintek
Joel Benk, DDS
Drago Bratko,   Softwise D.O.O
Dirk Braun,   TMT Gmbh.
Joan Brown,   Marguerite Physical Therapy Clinic
Business Expansion Club Clearwater
Business Expansion Club East Grinstead
Business Success Szlvar
Paul Busch,   DDS
Cheryl Caputo,   Pet Health Clinic
Rowan & Renate Christie,   Tradeworks
Doug Crowder,  Law Offices of Doug Crowder
Csuka Joszef,   Prosperity Consulting
Kenneth Daniells,   Daniells and Associates
Lonnie & Naomi Davis,   Troy Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic
Frank DiMartino,  Ability Consultants
Martin Dvorak,   Business Success Praha
Jim Fahs,   Young Home Consultant
Robert Fletcher,   Finley Fletcher & Knapmeyer
Rosalie Hamilton,   Expert Communications
Sandy Hockenbery,   Ultimate Solutions
Mariella Hosseini,  Hubbard College of Admin Szeged
Carol Hubbard,   Norman Hubbard & Assoc.
David Jantz, DDS
Mary Kahrs,  CFA Inc.
Stephan & Wiebke Koenig,   Laser Plus
Andi Koch,   Object Engineering
Scott Kreisberg,   One Step Data
Vladimir Kussakin ,   Belaya Gvardiya
Jenny Lane,   L J Lane Roofing
Karl-Heinz Leidl,   KLM Consulting
Ron Liuzza, DDS
Jack Molisani,  Clarity Authoring Services, Inc.
Terry Morrill,   Pave Your Way
Brian Nunley, DDS
Gyula Piroska,  Berill KFT  [ now missing from the list]
Damon Pleasant,   100% Pleasant Dentistry
Steve Poore,   Exectech
Carlo Alberto Prete,   HCA Modena   *
Didier Rodriguez,   Agrocosta S.A.
Lissette Rovira,   Instituto Keys
Harvey Schmiedeke,   Body Balance
Sandor Sebestyen,   Sebestyen BT
Scott & Shari Shelby,   Shelby Chiropractic
Peter Simpson,   Organisation Technology
Anne Marie Sonneveld , AMS Illustrations *
Josef Spieler,   Spieler Immobilien
Lothar Stueckl,   Hausmeisterei Stueckl Gmbh.
Jim & Tamra Meskimen,   Meskimen Applied Silliness
Forest Tardibuono,   PAC Leasing
David Tourje,   Alpha Structural, Inc.
Barry Wallace,   Security Pacific Management
Victor Venturena,  DDS
Michael Waldron,   DDS
William Wiatt,   Pet Hospital Veterinary Crop
Susan Wells,   DMD
Bruce Wiseman,   On-Target Research
Marco Chiancianesi,   M Two Solution SA

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