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From The Cult Observer Vol. 11 No. 1 1994.

Editor: I'd to piece this toghether because the copy in the FactNet archive was a little messy. Keep that in mind.


Numerous complaints about the Scientology-connected Sterling Management Systems programs sold to professionals like dentists and veterinarians reflect a clear, but usually unstated, connection between the training and the religion, according to one expert observer, Herbert L. Rosedale, a New York City attorney and president of the American Family Foundation [publisher of The Cult Observer]. Rosedale, who represents dozens of medical professionals free of charge, says: "After having taken or agreed to some kind of business consultation with Sterling Management Systems, representations were made that the business management (techniques) would not work if they [the professionals] didn't resolve their personal problems." The resolution inevitably involves the Church of Scien-tology, he said.

Many professionals around the country, like those Rosedale represents, are seeking to get back the money they paid for Sterling training--sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars--and some have filed suit, alleging, among other things, that Sterling's use of Scientology "communications" courses in its training caused psychological harm.

(From "Vet quits 1 crusade and joins another," and "Struggle between cults and critics grinds on," by Michael Lopez, Times Union [Albany, NY], 6/13/93, H1, H5)

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