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Scientology's Organizing Board or “Org Board”

Hubbard's Plan for Improving on "80 Trillion Years" of Galactic Management

Scientology: Org Board is "specifically designed to support the spiritual purposes of a church"

Mr. Hubbard developed the seven-division organizing board administrative pattern in 1965. Since then, it has been used in all churches of Scientology, their supporting organizations and their related charitable and educational organizations as well. It is an arrangement of administrative functions specifically designed to support the spiritual purposes of a church.
-- Church of Scientology International, Scientology Churches Structure - Seven-Division Org Board

WISE licensee Sterling: Org Board "describes the ideal organizational pattern for any activity"

At the heart of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative discoveries is the Organizing Board or “Org Board” as it is more generally known. Developed in 1965, the Org Board is the diagrammatic pattern of organization, delineating every function necessary for successful group activity. In fact, the Org Board actually describes the ideal organizational pattern for any activity.
-- Sterling Management Systems "Tailor-made Programs from the Leader in Practice Management"

Scientology: "Hubbard developed them specifically for churches of Scientology"

The org board forms more than just an efficient pattern of operation, however. And while it is true that these administrative principles are applicable to any activity in any organization, Mr. Hubbard developed them specifically for churches of Scientology and, as a result, something very special occurs when one steps into a Scientology church and becomes a part of its administration. As a Scientologist enters the church and passes through these different divisions, he also moves through the twenty-one states of awareness.
-- Church of Scientology International, Scientology Churches Structure - Building the Bridge

WISE licensee Hubbard College of Administration: Org Board is an "administrative pattern of operation for any group":

In 1965, after years of continuing research into the forms and functions of organization, Mr. Hubbard announced his development of the seven-division organizing board, a major breakthrough that presented the most successful administrative pattern of operation for any group of any size. These seven divisions, which are each divided into departments, encompass all the actions that are performed or should be performed in any organization. Indeed, this organizational breakthrough, when applied, ensures the continued success and stable expansion of any organization.
-- Hubbard College of Administration L. Ron Hubbard—A Profile

Scientology: organizing board needed: "to efficiently provide for its parishioners"

This system contains all functions an organization must perform in order to efficiently provide for its parishioners and is based upon what is called an “organizing board.” The Scientology organizing board has been used in all Dianetics and Scientology organizations since it was developed in 1965.
-- Church of Scientology International, Scientology Administrative Technology

What is wrong with the above picture?

Scientology and its sector World Institute of Scientology Enterprises and WISE licensees such as Sterling Management Systems and Hubbard Colleges of Administration are marketing L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology principles, concepts, and doctrines as either the belief system of Churches of Scientology or as a secular administrative system, depending on the target audience.

Moreover, these organizations also use the same Scientology Org Board, with variations to it in order to accommodate the nature of the products or services being offered. Scientology has WISE neatly listed on its Org Board with the aim of a "cleared civilization". Ie. enough people having been converted to Scientology and having reached the expensive level of "clear" within the cult. Likewise will WISE have listed on its Organizing Board the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) it established.

On Scientology's site you can view a large scale version of the Org Board.

Hollander Consultants CEO Fred KingPresident Larry Silver

Hollander Consultants and 80 trillion years old galactic management system

The above pictures are taken from WISE Int magazine Prosperity, Issue 60, pages14 and 15. They are pictures of respectively CEO Fred King & President Larry Silver of WISE licensed consulting company Hollander Consultants. They both are holding in their hands a copy of the Organization Executive Course : An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy books and both are scientologists.

These books are regarded as core sacred scriptures within Scientology and its foreword reads "This book is part of the religious literature and works of Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. " Further do the books carry the Scientology and Dianetics trademarked symbols as can be seen down this page.

What is equally interesting is the background of the images. Both gentlemen stand before an Organizational Board.

L. Ron Hubbard penned in a policy in 1965 (HCO PL 7 Jun 65, New Org Board Design) about the appearance of an Org Board, that

the org board consists of a couple sheets of clear blue Formica, 4 feet high by more than 8'9" long. It can be longer than 8'9". That is the minimum. That gives one department only five inches of width. A yellow vertical stripe of cellotape split in had separates departments in a division and divisions are separated by a full width of it. A thin strip of green goes all along the top of the departments. The level word goes above each department and the yellow tape. The command lines are in red cellotape.
-- Modern Management technology defined, Hubbard dictionary of administration and management by L. Ron Hubbard. Page 369.

During June 24-29, 1990, printed LA Times the six part series "The Scientology Story" by Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos. Below one part that was dedicated to the Org Board:

The Los Angeles Times

Part 4: Reaching Into Society

The "Org Board"

Hubbard's Plan for Improving on "80 Trillion Years" of Management

(Wednesday, 27 June 1990, page A18:4)

A key element of the management techniques Scientologists sell to businessmen is L. Ron Hubbard's "organizational board."

Used also by the Church of Scientology, the "Org Board" divides an organization into seven divisions -- executive, personnel, sales, finance, training, marketing and qualifications. Each division's duties are spelled out, along with the basis for evaluating employee performance.

In describing the Org Board's virtues, Scientology consultants omit Hubbard's colorful account of its origins -- an account reminiscent of one of his science fiction tales.

During a 1965 lecture to Scientologists in England, Hubbard said his board is a refined version of one that was used for "80 trillion years" by an "old galactic civilization."

Hubbard said the civilization died (he did not say when) because its organizational board lacked one division that he incorporated into his modern-day version.

Declared Hubbard: "We don't want these temporary fly-by-night affairs!"

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