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Scientology and U-man respond

Laenstidningen, 11 February 1999

Laenstidningen February 11, 1999: Two reader's letters (abbreviated)

Everything is completely voluntary

The articles published Feb 5-8 in LT got its information from the anti- religious organization FRI [Swedish anti-cult group] through Ake Wiman [careless with facts are we? Ake has not been in FRI for many years], Carina Persson and Karl Erik Nylund.

None of these were considered reliable sources during the work of the governmental "Crisis support inquiry" 1997-1998. On page 23 of the inquiry report (SOU 1998:113) it is said that due to flourishing rumours and weakly founded ideas about the conditions within new religons spread in media, the inquiry suggests the initiation of further research. [The same report actually states FRI should be part of the planned research network]

First of all, no scientologist "has" to go through anything. No results can be achieved unless it is done completely voluntary.

Our creed is practically the same as the UN declaration on human rights. It is totally out of the question for us to lock a person up and force him or her to listen to our message, the way FRI has done on several occasions, obviously with Carina Persson as well. That is really spiritual violation.

Whatever she may say today, she was forced to change her point of view, which we for her own sake find deeply unfortunate. With us she was happy, she says so herself, now she hates.

Our unpublished materials that were "made public" are not our "myth of creation". That can be found in "the factors". The story that the newspaper refers to has been taken out of context, re-interpreted and presented in a way calculated to stir up resentment and confusion, which was the intention of ["rättshaveristen" - a person who madly insists on trying to get his way through the legal system] Panoussis in trying to make them public. An illegal act according to the court.

Psychiatry has branded auditing as hypnosis, brainwashing, etc to steer attention away from their own crimes (electric chocks, lobotomy and deadly drugs) and towards those who expose them. Psychiatry has incredible crimes to hide, which is why true knowledge about the mind that will reveal their activities has to be fought at any price and by any means.

LT further writes about "a business empire". In 1993, the American tax authority, IRS, recognized that scientology is a religion, non-profit and working for the common good.

We are aware that scientology stirs up strong emotions in certain people. That reaction originally stems from those who in some way want to control people. We want to make them free.

Scientologists lead an active and rich spiritual, artistic and social life. And they themselves decide what to do. This is very provocative.

Gullevi Almgren
Information secretary, Church of Scientology in Stockholm

U-man uses Hubbard's methods

Considering that on a number of occasions since 1987, U-man has had a small number of people who invariably has done everything in their power to blacken the reputation of my company, I can partly understand that Laenstidningen is following in their tracks and in a number of articles repeat the propaganda of these few people.

Ake Wiman, a well-known hater of religion, known from television, whom the articles refer to, is one of the main figures in this unpleasant witch hunt. He has for almost 15 years been spreading his phobias regarding scientology and scientologists, which has resulted in that I as an enterprising scientologist quite involuntarily has ended up in a war of words, that due to the media interest in conflicts tends to reach almost ridiculous inflation.

Perhaps it is hard to distinguish between a company that is utilizing certain elements of L. Ron Hubbard's system for delivering a professional service to businesses, and a church that is using the technologies of the same Hubbard for their activity.

This is something that Wiman skilfully exploits in an attempt to create upsets and mysticism.

U-man is a company that is 100 % privately owned and run by myself and my wife. The goal of my company is to help our clients get the right person in the right place. We succeed in about 92 % of the cases.

U-man has done extremely much to protect the integrity of the person taking the test. We were among the first companies in the business to use a code system that leaves no names of the test takers in our files.

Through our ISO 9001 certification, we have an external control that our careful policies for protecting integrity are being followed completely.

U-man does not hide the fact that we use Hubbard's methods.

I do have a purpose to help the scientology movement, but I have chosen to do that by setting a good example. If I had chosen to become a baker, I would have tried to make excellent bread.

But with Mr Wiman persecuting me, I'm not convinced that I would have been able to avoid newspaper articles even if I had chosen the bakery profession.

The royalty paid by U-man for the rights to the U-test does not go to the Church of Scientology, but to a privately owned organization called Author Services Inc. They own the rights to Hubbard's non-religious writings, film manuscripts and music.

Carina Persson was a very nice girl who worked for us during three months, and became interested in scientology during that time. Quite of her own will. But she was given no choice when she was locked up at home and Mr Wiman came to "deprogram" her. Obviously, he believes that man is a kind of machine without free will and reason.

As we are a company with a good product, one wishes that business owners in Soedertaelje who have recruiting problems do contact us.

Maarten Runow
President of U-man

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(Commentary and translation into English by Catarina)

U-man and Scientology

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