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Critical information on U-man. U-man International Ltd. was founded in 1984. Today U-MAN has offices in 24 countries. The main office is in Stockholm. U-man is a World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) company and WISE is an integral part of Scientology. WISE licensed consultants like U-man get money for every new Scientology recruit they are urged to make. To maximize the number of recruits, WISE distributes a 300 page manual with the lofty and telling title of "Consultant's Guide to Bridge Dissemination". Bridge = Scientology speak for "Scientology path".

The owner and president of the main office in Stockholm is Mårten Runow. Mr. Runow also owns the daughter companies in Norway and Finland and is a dedicated scientologist. He is a Patron with Honors, a title reserved for those scientologists who donate at least $100,000 US into the "War Chest" of the International Association of Scientologists (Impact 105).

Marten Runow is also the CEO of Performia International. And both and have as registering organisation listed: Marten Runow - Email:

Back to U-man. I'll be listing the critical information sorted by country beginning with U-man Sweden.

They do not mention Hubbard as founder of Scientology and the principles U-man runs on.

U-Man Norway

They do not mention Hubbard or Scientology.

U-Man Belgium

They do not mention Hubbard or Scientology on their site. The only reference to Hubbard I saw was in a book cover. On 27 July suddenly and dropped their content and just redirect to

U-man in Belgium is run by scientologist Roger Van Loocke who is on their Honor Roll. That title is awared by the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) to people who got 20 people to become members of the IAS or donated $20,000.00 US. to the "War Chest" (Impact 105). World Institute of Scientology Enterprises' Brussels Charter Committee consists (Jan 2003) of Roger Van Loocke, Herman Vermimmen & Verle Vlaminck.

Scientology U-man raided in Belgium
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U-Man Austria

Description of TV broadcast on cults
Austrian U-Man Repr. kicks son out of his home

The segment about Scientology was about a young Austrian man in his early twenties named Dejan Rupnik, who was a Scientologist, brought up by Scientologist-Parents. At some point, he got doubts about it all and openly said so in the Org [organization - MG]. He was shocked about the reaction, as things were never the same again: All of his former Scientology-Friends immediately turned away from him at the Org and even when he tried to talk to his mother in the hallway there, she was being lead away by the Org-Leader into another room and he was told: "You can't talk to her anymore".

His father Zvonimir Rupnik, a business-man and contact adress for U-Man Austria, threw his son Dejan out of the family home shortly after.

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology

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