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Being selected by scientologists

OSLOPOSTEN - Circulation: 230,000 - Date 15 October 1999

I finally got a copy of the article, here are some translated
"The Newspaper of the Capitol
Circulation: 230,000
Date October 15 1999
[front page, main article]
- Taxi-2- drivers
Taxi-2 hires the disputed headhunter company U-MAN to find
drivers for 59 vacant jobs in Oslo. The company is accused
of having close ties with the Church of Scientology. -The
strategy is to get Scientologists in to work and social
life, claims the IT Manager Andreas Heldal-Lund who since
1996 has been having a war going against the movement via
[Fact box with info on Xenu etc. Info on owners of U-MAN]
Andreas Heldal-Lund is an IT Manager and lives in Stavanger.
Since 1996 he has been having a war against the movement
via Internet
Heldal-Lund claims that U-MAN is part of [CoS's] deliberate
strategy to establish so-called 'comm-lines' into society:
- The strategy is to get Scientologists into business and
organizations, claims Heldal-Lund.
- I'm concerned how the sensitive information is handled,
he adds to Osloposten.
He claims that U-MAN Norway:
- U-MAN Norway is owned by high ranking and known 
Scientologists. Internally the company is run by using 
Scientology principles. The test used is judged by several
specialists to be worthless.
- I take it for granted that U-MAN take me to the courts, if
it is their opinion that I lie about this, says Heldal, who
systematically sends out letters to customers of U-MAN where
he informs them about the Scientology connection.
[End of fact box, I guess. The following part is about Magne Berge - Mike]
- I worked for ca nine months for U-MAN at the end of the 
eighties. I was told that we had to keep it a secret the
fact that U-MAN was a pure Scientology company, says 
defector to Osloposten.
- The purpose was to recruit more Scientologists, and get
a better position in society and in the industry, continues
He broke with the movement after 5 years. He had then built
up a 300,000 kroner [40,000 USD] debt because of courses in
self development. 
But Berge sued the movement and won on all charges. In 1997
he was awarded 600,000 [80,000 USD] in compensation. 
[a small piece with an interview with the owner of the taxi 
Several different incidents strengthen the accusation about
the connection between U-MAN and the Church of Scientology.
After two years of investigation, Belgian police raided ten
"churches" and several U-MAN offices. Documents were 
seized and offices sealed.
In a document  seized by Greek authorities during a raid in
the Church of Scientology's offices in 1995 instructions
are given from USA.
There the lawyer of U-MAN in Greece is told to start 
investigation of an orthodox priest who is a known
critic of the sect.

(Commentary and translation by Andreas) Slightly edited by Mike)

U-man and Scientology

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