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Misrepresentation of Services by Hollander Consultants

Another dissatisfied customer...

Hollander Consultants
Mr. Larry Silver
621 S.W. Alder Suite 200
Portland Oregon 97205

December 8, 1997

Re: Misrepresentation of Services

Dear Mr. Silver,

I spoke to you on the phone on or about November 5 of this year and we discussed the two contracts. During that conversation we also discussed your company's affiliation with the Church of Scientology. You explained to me that your company was licensed to use certain management techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and that your company wasn't part of the church.

I received a packet of materials in the mail last week, and just had a chance to open and examine it today. Let's address the following points;

  1. The Standard Oxford Capacity Test. This is the first tool the church uses to draw in people. It can be accessed on their website. They present it as an IQ and personality test in their churches and orgs. Of what use is this to me in my business?

    An analysis was done on this test by three British psychologists in 1971. Their conclusion was that there is „an extremely strong case for assuming it to be a device of no worth. The profile apparently derived from completion of the OCA must consequently be negligible." As far as the test being an adequate psychometric device, it „totally fails to meet the normally accepted criteria." My wife and I have enclosed a copy of the article this information comes from, this is on page 4 of 9.

    Who will be grading this test and creating the profiles? Only the CoS uses, distributes and grades these tests. It has no validity, no value, and no place in my business.

  2. The Tone Scale. This was developed by Hubbard in his Dianetics literature, and is also now used exclusively by the CoS. It contains such interesting observations as an Enthusiastic person will be „near accident proof" and „nearly immune to bacteria." This is science ... and are using far more than just management materials developed by LRH. We refuse to allow our money to be funneled into a noxious cult that deceives and brainwashes people.

    Therefore we expect a full refund. In our opinion you have wilfully misrepresented your so-called 'management courses'. These are nothing but Church of Scientology mind control and manipulation devices you are marketing, and you should be ashamed.

    My wife and I are not raw meat. We are now, and intend to remain, wogs in the eyes of the church. The Bridge is non-existent, but to the extent that people are duped by the CoS, the Bridge leads straight into Hell. We're not going there.

    J.L. Emanuel
    V. Emanuel
    cc: Doug DeRouchie
    Allen Jackson
    Bill Hickey
    Christine Gray, Attorney at Law

    Hollander Consultants & Scientology

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