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Allegations of religious discrimination
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Last updated Thursday, December 07, 2006

- The rationale -

Here's a Scientology 'scripture' that is used as rationale by scientologists to fire employees when they refuse to convert to Scientology via WISE consulting firms or direct pressure:

No attempt would be made to establish communication with the declared SP [Suppressive Person] "to clear matters up" or to seek to reform the SP. The SP's reform is strictly in the hands of HCO [Hubbard Communications Office]. The PTS [Potential Trouble Source] simply disconnects.

Example: One discovers that an employee at his place of business is an SP - he steals money, drives away customers, wipes out other employees and will not correct no matter what you do. The handling is very simple-the PTS fires him and that's the end of it right there!

To fail or refuse to disconnect from a suppressive person not only denies the PTS case gain, it is also supportive of the suppressive-in itself a Suppressive Act.

-- Source is Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter (HCOPL) 10 Sep 1983, "PTSness AND DISCONNECTION".

When somene is labeled a Suppressive Person for not going along with the Scientology program in a company then scientologists can't communicate any longer with such a person. Let alone employ him or her. Such is the power of the Disconnection doctrine over scientologists. They have to disconnect (cut all communications) otherwise they become a Suppressive Person themselves and they will be ostracized by all the other scientologists including their scientologist-family and scientologists business partners.

- Religion in the workplace? -

To answer this question we will just accept the claims of Scientology itself that it is a religion. With this in mind it is hard to understand the denials by WISE consultants/dentists/vets and HCA students alike that their material is not religious when the very word that represents the S in WISE is Scientology.

The question whether World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International or its licensed siblings Hubbard College of Administration International, and other Hubbard College's of Administration are teaching religion needs to be answered with a resounding yes! WISE's incorporation papers state it is organized "primarily for religious purposes". The in-house WISE course room set-up kit contains books which are regarded in Scientology as sacred scriptures. Among them the Organization Executive Course : An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy and the Introduction to Scientology Ethics books.

The former is also part of the HCA Int curriculum albeit they neglect to mention the last part of the title. It probably doesn't look too good to deny teaching Scientology and on the same page including the "Encyclopedia of Scientology" as part of its courses. See point 5 on the HCA site.

More details are here: WISE_religious_consulting.html

- Church of Scientology or Hubbard College of Administration -

Another thing I'd like to point out concerns the qualifycations WISE licensed consultants need. They are the people who consult dentists, vetenerians, chiropractors etc. So they greatly impact practices and their employees. These WISE people need to be licensed by WISE of course (they want money) and have to have followed training at the Church of Scientology or Hubbard College of Administration.

Seen in this light look the denials that their material has nothing to do with religion about as convincing when someone would insist not having studied religious material but did follow his training in the Roman Catholic church and on top of that is promised extra income when he converts others to Christianity and even gets a manual published by this church how to convert as many people as possible.

How far fetched this may seem, this is exactly what is the case with these Scientology connected business people. They are promised more money and do have such a manual.

More details are here:

- The allegations -

Arlington veterinary clinic has agreed to end a federal job discrimination lawsuit
(EEOC v. I-20 Animal Medical Center, N.D. Tex, 398CV2316-X, settlement approved 12/2/99)

Susan Morgan case

These articles center around the civil suit which was before Superior Court Judge Alice B. Gibney and a jury, of Susan Elizabeth Morgan (Catholic) who claimed her former employer Dr. Roger N. Carlsten -- a dentist who got into Scientology via Sterling Management -- fired her for refusing to take a Hubbard Administrative Technology ``statistics`` course with Precision Management (seems defuct as of May 2004). She says the course contained Scientology material. The suit claimed a violation of the Rhode Island Employment Fair Practices Act. Judge Gibney had ruled out the potential for punitive damages; Morgan was claiming $12,063 in lost wages, medical benefits and costs. The jury found on the 28th of January that Roger N. Carlsten did not discriminate against his former receptionist's religious beliefs when he fired her in January 1992. Morgan's lawyer, Renee Bushey, has said she will appeal the case based on errors of law she alleges Gibney made throughout "a really unfair trial. "

Susan Morgan wants to appeal the case but need funds

Susan has dropped her appeal due to lack of funds and has to pay trial costs

Dr. Carlsten will try to get his legal fees back from Susan.

Susan has to pay scientologist Dr. Carlsten 2400 USD.

Dr. Roger Carlsten was on 05/01/2001 reprimanded by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners in Dentistry for promoting a 'bait and switch' operation.

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