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Speculation origin WISE

What follows is my attempt to make a historical flow chart of the earliest known World Institute of Scientology Enterprises Inc. to the current World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International. The corporate records are of recent date (February/March/April 2005). While those records are factual my comments are at some places speculative of nature. When you're just interested in the corporate records without commentary, then look on WISE_corporations.html

12/20/1978 -- Delaware registration of Expanding Groups Inc.

12/27/1978 -- The earliest mention of WISE Inc. I could find was this record of Expanding Groups Inc. which was renamed from WISE Inc. It could very well be the original WISE Inc since Scientology states"WISE was established in 1979". The Florida registration of a Delaware corporation.

12/22/1981 -- WISE Inc. registered in Delaware and this time as a RELIGIOUS NONPROFIT.

12/23/1981 -- In Florida (and presumable Delaware) is the Deleware WISE Inc. renamed to Expanding Groups Inc.

12/23/1981 -- Delaware WISE Inc. registered in Florida.

12/14/1982 --Subsequently was it in Florida INVOLUNTARILY DISSOLVED.

2/1/1983. WISE in California is incorporated and to this day active.
Articles of Incorporation, World Institute of Scientology Entreprises (WISE), 1 February 1983. wise-incorporation-1983.pdf PDF file (57kb).


10/13/1989 -- The Florida-listed Californian corporation was INVOLUNTARILY DISSOLVED .

04/03/1995 -- Californian corporation gets registered in Florida. If I had to put any money on it, this would be the one for me to pick which they use as vehicle to circumvent the IRS requirement. I recognize three of the WISE Inc. officers listed as active WISE International officers. It also shares its Federal Employer Identification Number with the listed INVOLUNTARILY DISSOLVED WISE Inc.

The above 04/03/1995 Florida registration of the Californian corporation could be of the Californian corporation. They both ares active and they share the same address but it is Florida it is listed as World Institute of Scientology Enterprises Inc. and California as World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology

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