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I need your help

I can't do it alone. Help me making this a better website.

When you found this website usuful then please considering helping it to become an even better resource. It does cost some money to run STOP-WISE.BIZ, but I'm not accepting monetary donations. What I gladly will accept is your donation of your unwanted WISE and Church of Scientology material. Or tell me your story: were you recrruited and how, did that particular Hubbard consultant steer you towards Scientology, were you lied to when you asked them about the Scientology link? Tell me how they work, what you have experienced.

Even when it seems to you that eg. a Hollander Consultants flyer is not important, it might be for me. I'll make good use of it. The following items are on my wish list:

  1. WISE course packs
  2. Prosperity magazines
  3. Newsletters
  4. Hubbard consultants material (courses and promotional)
  5. Scientology books/magazines
  6. Contracts you had to sign (make your answers blank and e-mail me a scan).
  7. Your story (unless explicitly told that I can publish your story, I'll consider everything my eyes only)

If I missed anything on this list you'd reckon should be on it, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Likewise if you have material you're not certain of whether I'd like to receive it or not. Again, please e-mail me:

My name is:

Mike Gormez



For very urgent matters (+31) 6 287 956 90

Or Skype me callto://mike_gormez callto://mike_gormez.

My address:

Mike Gormez
Hogeweg 11 1-hoog
The Netherlands

Please also notify me by e-mail if possible so I can look out for it. I will destruct any reference and wrapping if you so request.

Thank you so much for whatever WISE/Scientology material you'd care to send me therby helping this become a better resource!

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