The mysterious death of Konrad Aigner (43)

Fell into a coma on 21 July 1997 and died on 11 August 1997

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Konrad Aigner - Picture is taken from Sueddeutsche Zeitung 21.08.1998

"If he would not have been with this sect, he could still be alive," says his brother.

Some details in English

Here more details. Source is BILD, a daily tabloid. It seems this is the only paper who was able to interview the family.

- His name is Konrad A., he was a member for 20 years, and was 43 years old;
- He believed he would never be ill again, so he did not have a health insurance;
- His "bus company" is one bus with 50 seats, that he bought 2nd hand three years ago. Before that he had been a bus driver and before a train
signal operator;
- His brother estimates that he paid about $300000 to scientology

Reuters 10 February 1998 (en Français)

MUNICH, Feb 10 (Reuters) - More than a hundred police officers raided offices belonging to the United States-based Church of Scientology in the southern German city of Munich on Tuesday, state prosecutors said.

The raids are linked to separate investigations into the death last year of a businessman who allegedly received medical advice from Scientology members, three cases of suspected arson and the reported distribution of insulting material.

A short piece from the German Raid on the scientology org in Munich. Feb 10, 1998
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BILD article in German of 12 February 1998

Fatal: Konrad glaubt tatsächlich, nicht mehr krank zu werden – deswegen auch keine Krankenversicherung. Aber er schluckt massenhaft Vitaminpillen, alle in Schuhkartons aus Holland geliefert. "Er wurde dazu von Verantwortlichen der Scientologen-Organisation aufgefordert", so der Staatsanwalt.

Passau New Press article of 14 Feb 1998   (auf Deutsch )

The bachelor left behind a financial ruin. Forms showed that he had within the last few months given about 70,000 marks over to the organization. It must have been over 600,000 marks, estimates Barnhard Aigner, in the course of the years. "Konrand made good money and was very frugal. He never bought a new car, never went on vacation and had no hobbies. In spite of that he left only debts."

Update 11 March: Family still suffers today

The family still suffers great financially. They did manage to satisfy most of the old financial depts by having sold now all of their old family property (farm-land and forest mostly) in order to satisfy all the demands (except for the family-house itself)

But the hospital bill for Konrad's final stay of 40,000 DM (~23.000 US$) is *still* unpaid. (Konrad did not want health-insurance, as he believed Scientology's claims that he would be protected from illnesses.)

Radio-transcript of 11 March
Death of a Scientologist  ( auf Deutsch )

Fall 1974. Konrad had just finished his military service, he lived in Munich and received training with the Department of Transportation. This is when he encountered Scientology. They promised him outright miracles if he would use the Scientology technology - called Dianetics. They referred their novice to the standard work of the Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard: "Dianetics - the Textbook for Human Understanding." That is where Konrad, then 20 years old, found ... Dianetics

Update 21 August: The death of Konrad Aigner

The reason for Mr. Aigner's death is apparently unclear. From the report, it appears to be very unusual that a 43-year-old person dies of multiple organ failure. The public prosecutor may have more information, but it is apparently secret and possibly based on the raid of the Munich org, which occurred on 10 February 1998.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin August 21, 1998
(auf Deutsch or in Italiano)

When Konrad Aigner died, he left behind a legacy which his family had not counted on: debt in the amount of six figures. His parents found piles of "donation receipts" of the organization in his room - and two extraordinary documents: hand-written records from 1990. In those, two Scientologist women detailed on thirty pages, step by step, how they tried to borrow money for a total of 200,000 marks - an exemplary document never before published in the German press which shows how Scientologists rip off their members.

Here are those extraordinary documents or "Knowledge Reports" as they are called in Scientology
English transcript or Deutsche Abschrift

Since the amount was not enough and the bank wanted a larger mortgage for more money, we decided to drive to Lower Bavaria to 1. raise the mortgage and 2. ask the local banks how much they could give us for the property. Konrad had a bank connection there with Raiffeisen Bank, so we decided to ask them what they could do. The three of us drove down to Lower Bavaria. In the meantime we had to handle Konrad again, since he needed his parents' signature to raise the mortgage, which he could not confront. We went to the bank, I went inside with Konrad, and he introduced me as his friend. I had taken off my wedding band, so they could take me for Konrad's fiance.

Link to Konrad Aigner Memorial page
Link to Konrad Aigner Memorial

Stern-TV November 18, 1998
Transcript of the documentary part of the show in English or auf Deutsch

Off Screen speaker (OS): : Only one month after the estate transfer took place, Konrad Aigner went to the bank and took out a 50,000 DM [1.6 deutchmark approx. = $1]. Today Scientology pretends that only small sums of money were involved.

Altendorfer, Scientology Munich: Konrad Aigner was in Scientology about 22 years, and if you calculate that out, then he may have paid 500-600 DM per month.

OS: In only six months in 1989, over 70,000 DM were taken in, according to the sect's own accounts. Right after his military service, Aigner worked as a switchman and bus driver with the transportation department. During that time he made contact with Scientology. Presumably, he was fascinated with the promises of L. Ron Hubbard

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